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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Allen West Served Chick-fil-A Meals to Congressional Black Caucus compiles all of Congressman Allen West’s most controversial remarks for constituents of his central Florida district. It was launched by his Democratic opponent, Patrick Murphy, on Friday which intends to showcase West’s most potentially damaging remarks in the hopes of taking back his seat for Democrats in the fall. It's good of Murphy to do that. Future generations of historians may someday appreciate West's sense of humor. For instance there is the time he offended the entire Congressional Black Caucus when he delivered a selection of Chick-fil-A chicken and biscuits to the members’ weekly meeting.
The colonel's CBC colleagues didn't see much knee slapping humor in that antic but perhaps time will put things in their proper perspective. Actually this wasn't a recent event. It happened about 6 months ago but even then Alcee Hastings said that every member was offended. Too offended to eat? I doubt it.

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