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Monday, June 14, 2010

Tornado victim in Millbury: 1 little girl survives family

Three tornados struck Northwest Ohio just over a week ago. One devastated the communities of Millbury and Moline; in fact, Lake High School was destroyed. The elementary and middle schools sit on the same property but are expected to survive the storm. The community has donated so much in services that only specialized needs are needed now; money is still being accepted. Update: 20 homes have requested help in clearing debris. Northwest Ohioans have been generous; most encouraging was the arrival of 10 buses donated from Columbus.

The victim total has been raised to 6; the father of the school valedictorian died when he went back upstairs after moving his family down to the basement. 

We've been waiting for word concerning Ryan Walters, who had been hospitalized since the storm. The sad fact is that he has died and only their 7 year old daughter survives.
Security cameras captured the tornado. Video of it is here but hit the mute button. There's a lot of cheesy music with this clip, which has been transformed from a few seconds into a nine minute video. About a third of the way through, zoom is applied and it becomes interesting.

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