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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Batchelor: POTUS upset, paranoid, hates his job

Heh. Rumors. Sounds like a spoiled rotten baby to me. Over at the John Batchelor show:
Disturbing and mesmerizing whispering that the Oval Office is the scene of stormy and romantic melodrama between POTUS and his most senior and trusted advisers.  Whispering that POTUS is sleeping poorly and is much aggrieved at slights, shortfalls, interruptions.  Whispering that POTUS is vulnerable to jet lag.  That POTUS has returned to chain-smoking.  That POTUS hesitates to heed his advisers, because POTUS frets that he is being sand-bagged by experts, allies, confidantes.  Whispering that POTUS frailties most in display in West WIng settings.  That POTUS evidences a Nixonian persecution mania.  Can any of this be confirmed?  Not easily.  Less detailed, POTUS is said to express his opinion to pals in Chicago that he dislikes his job.  Wilder whisperings that some pros are now weighing that POTUS try an LBJ exit after one term - rather than face a Carter collapse.

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