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Friday, June 18, 2010

Detroit Public Schools-liberal crowning jewel of the U.S.

  If you happened to take that outclick to Jammie entitled, "On Many Occasions, I Have Asked Him Not to Touch Himself," I'll bet you were intrigued by the title. Who on earth, you ask yourself not that Clinton is out of office, would be accused of such indecorous behavior?  Surely not a public official. And surely not anyone associated with children.
  Ah, well, you don't know about Detroit, do you? Detroit. The flower of liberal rule.
  Detroit. In 1950 the wealthiest city in the United States.
  Detroit. A city run by the unions. If you want to know anything about Detroit, first stop to visit is The Blog Prof.
  How bad are Detroit Schools?
  They're closing 32 schools, (45 by 2010) even while breaking ground on a new school. 
  Students scored the lowest in the nation and the lowest in the history of the test. Officials said scores would have been higher if everyone had guessed:
In addition, the unions run the city and the schools.   Teachers complained mightily when they all had to actually show up to pick up their paychecks. Turned out there were lots of ghost employees in the system. Still, regardless of the test scores, teachers in Detroit's miserable and declining school system are well compensated:There's more, much more.
But back to the offending party who, uh hum, fondled himself? The same individual who is fairly illiterate?
He's the School Board President.
But don't get me started on the former Mayor of Detroit.
And, OY!, the former Detroit City Council President... Such misery, I can't go on!

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