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Friday, June 18, 2010

Hemingway takes apart Chris Matthews, that phony baloney

What a joke Chris Matthews has become. Years ago when he had the audacity to even question Clinton as president and there was no FNC available in Northwest Ohio, he was almost watchable. (Gack) Now he's so far left and irrational that no one watches him anymore. So what did he have to do to get attention for his lousy program? He had to do a scareamentary on tea partiers, filled with bias and lies, ala Michael Moore. This website's opinion of Chris Matthews can be found here:
In truth, the Perrysburg Tea Party (which isn't really an organization) is made up of God fearing patriots who just want to hand down to our children a country that respects the Constitution, lives within its means, encourages and rewards hard work as opposed to laziness and appreciates the great country in which we live. We do believe in American exceptionalism; we do believe that this is the greatest country on the earth and even those of us in unions don't want unions to swallow alive the treasure of this country.  
More reaction from around the web comes from Mark Hemingway at the Examiner. Hemingway details the offenses committed by Matthews, the shill for the left:
Go here to read Hemingway's article. Spot on. 

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