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Monday, June 8, 2015

Take a bow, Mr.President

You didn't sire that!
I would point out that Mr. Carter had two unique experiences that Obama is not apt to match. James Earl Carter is the only American president to report a UFO and also the only sitting president to have been attacked by a giant swamp rabbit but Dan Pfeiffer is not the only person drawing comparisons between Obama and Carter these days.
 Governor Rick Perry speaking with Shawn Hannity said, "We've been down before, the grain embargo, the Iran hostage crisis, low participation in the workforce, and the Olympic boycott. Ten years later, we saw the Berlin Wall fall and Soviet communism defeated because we elected a president that believed and knew that when America is strong, the world is safer, It's time to do that again."
Perry is right, of course, but not original. Most of us have perceived the weakness, arrogance, and incompetence common to both Democratic presidents but it was good of Pfeiffer to remind us again.

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