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Friday, June 26, 2015

Hillary falters in New Hampshire while winning ownership of Obamacare

One should be chary to accept any polling this early in the campaign as predictive of outcome but it's not too early to spot trends and polling coming from New Hampshire suggests that Hillary's sisterhood of the pant suit traveling minstrel show is beginning to leak oil. The CNN / WMUR poll shows Dame Hillary a mere 8 points ahead of loony leftist Bernie Sanders. Again, let me restate the caveat; it's too early to predict any outcome but it is beginning to confirm a widely held suspicion that support for Hillary is and was in 2008 a mile wide and an inch deep. The lady runs well against an empty field but when faced with even minimal opposition comes apart like a cheap pant suit. What would one expect? She is hobbled by two personal impediments; a robotic public persona and an empty resume'.
Add to Mrs. Clinton's personal shortcomings the ineptitude of her highly touted campaign machine that contains essentially the same personnel that failed her in 2008 and the lingering scandals of Benghazi and the missing emails one can see a rough road ahead. Her so called listening tour where she meets with small groups of faithful and trusted friend is more conducive to selling Tupperware than winning the presidency. It's all show and no go and the public sees that. I would take issue with the argument that only the left wing of the party is defecting and remind readers when Eugene McCarthy won 42% of New Hampshire's primary vote in 1968 Lyndon Johnson folded and when Pat Buchanan took 38% of the Granite State's Republican vote in 1992 it was lights out for George Herbert Walker Bush. He never recovered. When the base revolts it causes the rest of the party to question its own commitment to the candidate. The party faithful may not switch sides but many will sit home on election day.
Yesterday's Supreme Court decision gave Hillary Clinton full ownership of Obamacare, a law so unpopular it has seldom polled in positive numbers. In essence Hillary captured the poisoned pawn, achieving a small material gain at the cost of a profound positional disadvantage. " Belike the price of a jackal’s meal were more than a thief could pay."
No one seriously thinks Hillary will lose her party's nomination but even a good showing by Sanders in New Hampshire would be a harbinger of bad things to come.

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