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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dump Trump

  Donald Trump--the faux Republican candidate--is a self promoting bombastic liberal.
  Oh, he aped pseudo conservative viewpoints but in a vile, prejudiced way.
  Even MSNBC knows this, but somehow many so-called conservatives don't seem to realize just how liberal he is.
  So let's set the record straight.
  Donald Trump has advocated for socialized medicine and wants single payer.
  For legalizing all drugs.
  For isolationism.
  For protectionism and a 20% levy on all imports.
  He wants a tax on wealth, meaning the money people have in their possession, not just a new tax.
  Donald Trump wants to put restrictions on gun availability.
  Donald Trump is pro abortion.
  He's divisive, mocking Republicans as "crazy."
  He's a birther.
  Does he think taxing imports from other countries will promote free trade and will benefit American consumers?
  Yet all over Facebook and blogs are angry comments by "conservatives," claiming Trump is a relief because he's actually speaking up for our country.
  That's because he's not a real candidate and he's playing to the base.
  Donald Trump is a liberal. Face it and move on.
  Dump Trump.

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