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Monday, June 15, 2015

Republicans had planned to raid Medicare to pay for TAA

Remember the Agenda Project's ad showing a villain bearing a likeness to Rep. Paul Ryan throwing granny over the cliff? It could be those people had a better insight into the Macvellian instincts of the Wisconsin Wunderkind than we did. From;
TAA was originally supposed to be financed with Medicare cuts – which sparked major outrage, and cries of hypocrisy in what would have certainly turned into boldly negative campaign advertisements against Republicans by Democrats this next cycle. But under pressure, Republican leadership, mainly Boehner and Ryan, negotiated with Democrats to remove the Medicare cuts from the financial backing of TAA and instead using direct tax hikes by raising the penalties for misfiled taxes.
The gist of that post is TAA, if passed, would break the Republican's no new tax pledge. Again from Breitbart;
“Small businesses that are already over-burdened with IRS paperwork will be penalized even further if they make a technical mistake on filing informational paperwork,” he said. “There’s a lot of dishonesty going on when the bill is described as raising the fines on tax violations. That’s dishonest because the fines aren’t for people who failed to pay their taxes, the fines are on businesses that for no fault of their own, they forget to file a piece of paperwork telling the IRS how much someone else owes on their taxes.”
“It’s outrageous that Republicans who complain all the time – rightfully so – about the IRS’s overreach and over burdening small business are actually increasing the incentive for the IRS to spy on people – to spy on small businesses,” he added.
Essentially, as explained by Ellis, any time a small business paid an independent contractor or freelancer a commission or any tips, it must be reported to the IRS with a 1099 form, which a copy is also sent to the contractor or freelancer. If the small business is late in filing this form, then it is fined by the IRS. The proposal Tuesday, as it stands, would double and triple these fines.
No only were we not told about a planned raid on the Medicare Trust Fund, already raided once by distrustful Democrats to finance Obamacare but for awhile a second raid by Republicans who cannot be trusted. We now find that Boehner, Ryan et al want to finance Obamatrade through fines on small businesses where the IRS would create a system of rules that are impossible to comply with and then fine businesses when they fail to comply.
Thanks to WikiLeaks and no thanks to our elected leadership we learned of another facet of Obamatrade, the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA). We would know nothing of this proposed outrage were it not for WikiLeaks as Obama and Congress had no intention of telling us until 5 years after that agreement had been inked notwithstanding Obama's campaign promise to run the most transparent administration ever. This revelation has for the most part been ignored by the national press and publications authored by organizations of all political persuasions. We should be thankful that not all media is as duplicitous as our own and that all political opposition is not as inarticulate as our own.
Juxtapose Elizabeth Warren and her shill, strident, and uniformed rhetoric Canadian born Green Party Senator Larissa Waters can actually express a coherent thought in understandable prose. Her take on TISA and TPP is both reasoned and disturbing to all who prefer governance from their own sovereign governments as opposed to governance by an international business cartel legalized into a brand new Orwellian Super World Trade Organization.

It's regrettable we have to go all the way to Australia for news.

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