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Monday, June 15, 2015

A few points of cultural clarification

  UPDATE: My head is spinning. Apparently Doleziel sued Howard for discrimination as a white person and lost. I have no idea. Did she get scholarship money--a full ride--for being black for her undergraduate and master's degree? I have no idea. What a mess.
  Let's just clarify a few things here.
  •   No, YOU're not black.
  •   No, YOU're not a woman.
  •   No, HE'S not brave and courageous.
  •   No, YOU're not a champion for ALL the people.
  •   Yes, your HAIR is really convincingly "ethnic," probably as a result of cosmetology training and, yes, you cheated someone who IS black out of scholarship money.
  •   Yes, you LOOK really good as a woman. Still.
  •   Yes, you ARE a criminal and a fool. Sayonara, baby.
  •   Yes, you are the OLDEST female in the race.
And THIS was a JOKE.

1 comment:

  1. It's all about perception / delusion. Remember this is only the first generation raised with an eye toward elevating self esteem. Their grandchildren will probably bark and chase cars or maybe hibernate until ground hog's day. Wonderful thing that evolution.