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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

MSNBC lefties laugh at health care lies

  You know, it was bad enough that those who were paying attention knew Obama and his people were lying and laughing at those of us who recognized the fakery that was going on when Democrats were destroying the health care system.
  But imagine this.
  A group of elite rich lefties gather around their morning joe to laugh about the lies, to laugh at the people (yes, Democrat people) who actually believed the lies and blindly trusted their leaders.
  It's so funny because the impending increases in deductibles, premiums, co-pays and impending decreases in accessibility of care will never affect them or their families because they are the elite, the privileged, no matter their skin color (although 4 of the 5 commentators in this video are white).
  It's so funny that they can barely contain their amusement that the "stupid American [Democrat] voters actually bought the White House lies, which they translate as "not fully forthcoming." 
  Yes, Mark Halperin "apologizes" of sorts to his Republican sources who told him Jonathan Gruber was intimately involved in negotiations for radically transforming health care but yesterday we learned that Gruber was indeed tremendously involved.
  But hahaha.
  Because, see, not all lives matter, at least when it comes to the elites in this country.

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