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Monday, June 22, 2015

Jessie Jackson Jr. graduates to house arrest.

Oh happy day! Prisoner 32451016 a.k.a. Jessie Jackson Jr. is back in his Washington, Dupont Circle home with a GPS locked to his ankle. He was released from Volunteers of America halfway house in Baltimore where he has resided since his release from the federal pen in March and presumably did not take part in the recent looting.
“I plan to use the next several months of home confinement…to share with the American people not only my journey, but the journey of Americans who have erred and made mistakes of judgment that led to their incarceration,” Jackson said.
That means he is going to write a book because he needs the money but when his time of home confinement is up in October the good wife, Sandi Jackson, goes to jail. More.


  1. Does he plan on sharing the fruits of his labors aka the money and stuff he stole?

  2. Replies
    1. Sometimes I am amazed at how heartless you can be.You know full well that now after the error of his ways have been pointed out to him that he will amend his life to the better and once again become a productive, tax paying citizen.