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Saturday, June 13, 2015

I discuss recent WACKY events in America *or* What the heck is going on?

  You'll have to pardon me. I've been off watching British television for a few days. 
  I've been on a bit of a sabbatical the last week; keeping up with the latest news feels like walking in sewage. 
  I'm wearing waders, it's true, but still. Slogging through BS, human waste and detritus is hardly spiritually and emotionally cleansing, as y'all know from recent developments.
  So here are a few conclusions I've drawn, based on recent weeks' wacky incidents:
  • I'm sorry Bruce Caitlin feels bad about the ole self image. It's too bad we all can't have everything we want. I wanted to be a singer in a jazz band at one point: however, I gave it up, due to practical and monetary realities. In Caitlin's situation, I'll be more convinced when she actually commits to having certain appendages removed.
  • I hate that I know all this, um, junk.
  • Geez, Miley, could ya just keep something to yourself, especially if you're a scrawny profane pagan intolerant little ______ (your choice of expletives. 
  • In a completely unrelated item, mental illness appears to be up these days.
  • The people who claim to be the most "tolerant" are the least tolerant, especially when it comes to Christianity.
  • White Leftists who lie about being black including receiving full ride minority scholarships are more likely to be accepted by other Leftists than conservatives whose skin really is black. Again with the intolerance.
  • Many people (not me) are living in a Matrix of sorts, ignoring conditions of Christians in the Middle East, ignoring the reality of circumstances that are closing in around us, living in a Fantasy World of their own making.
  • Obama really is an ignorant self centered ass, as his own party has suddenly discovered by his rude and petulant behavior on the hill Friday.  In true Leftist form, I predict they will immediately revert to Fantasy World form after their *shocking* discovery.
  • There are a lot of really uninformed American people.
  • There are a lot of really smart American people. They' are not currently running our country.
  • Obama will do just about anything to shape his "Utopia," which includes encouraging rioting in the street, throwing money at intractable problems and attempting to destroy affluent neighborhoods while ignoring the spiritual vacuum that has created such cultural disasters as Baltimore.
  • Speaking of Baltimore, all the cities that are such a mess in this country ( which look like bombed out Middle Eastern cities) have been run by Democrats for decades. Yes. I know you know that if you're reading this blog. But how much longer will Democrats be able to deny that to the Matrix "I live in my cell phone" citizens?
  • Incredibly, many Leftists keep believing that if socialism, communism were actually done right, (ie they were in charge) it would work! How many failed attempts must we witness globally to figure out it doesn't work and, in fact, gives power to the most corrupt and oppresses the majority?
  • Carly Fiorina has the "big mo," that is, momentum, among those of us who are watching carefully and with interest.
  • Rick Perry's announcement speech was magnificent.
  • Ben Carson is doing better answering trick questions. Still.
  • No matter who wins the Republican nomination, if it's a fairly conservative individual, the other candidates could make excellent heads of State, HHS, DOJ. The Republicans have a remarkable bench of diverse candidates, unlike the Democrats, who have Julian Castro.
  • Quite a few Americans are willing to accept lying liars who lie. Quite a few Americans are not.
  • I remember Kerry boasting that Bush was driving the "car of America" into the ditch. I also remember him sneering to a reporter that he never crashes his bike. Hey, it's too bad about breaking that leg bone from running your bike into a curb, y'all. Somethin' about karma, I guess.
  • I listen to talk radio, where people who actually live in neighborhoods actively call in to describe actual events. There's a lot more to the McKenney, Texas, pool party than most people know.
  • Quite a few parents aren't doing their jobs.
  • We have a problem in urban neighborhoods. 
  • Money doesn't solve problems; in fact, often money makes matters worse, driving politicians to ever more personal gain and power and yet subjugating the populace. 
  • If government is just so great at running things, why did they not tell their employees immediately when they knew personal information had been stolen? And how are they getting away with just now letting us know there were far more victims than initially leaked? One can only hope Lois Lerner. No. Stop. Unkind.
  • Atheists and Leftists are working hard to remove God from every public, private and personal institution and gathering. How's that working out? Are we more moral these days? More civil
  • The lack of moral and spiritual education is bearing fruit. How's that working out
  • Whew! It's good to know it's not child abuse to let your kid play in your own yard.
  • And last but not least, we've had enough rain in Northwest Ohio. 
   I think it all redounds to this: Jesus. 
  And I also finally understand why when I visited my parents years ago, they'd be watching reruns of innocuous tv shows with solvable-in-60-minutes problems like "Murder She Wrote" "Touched by an Angel."
  Now that I've reached their age, my version appears to be Midsomer Murders and Foyle's War.
  A life in balance: the news one hour and fake murder mysteries the next. Hm. Which to choose. I can only tolerate so much so long.

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