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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How long can they hide Hillary?

Does Hillary suffer from enochlophobia, defined as the fear of being in a crowd? Her much vaunted election machine supposedly staffed by the very brightest operatives the political class has ever spawned appears ambivalent to the point of dementia as it plots a course to define, refine, and redesign the authentic incorporeal essence that dwells in the body of greatest states person of the twenty-first century. Having the good sense not to let her answer questions about her questionable ethics the Hillary wehrmacht is directing her to smaller and smaller venues of party loyalists who come with scripted questions and listen attentively to scripted answers. If only her team could could capture her soul in a picture. All of this is beginning to give Hillary a regal aura of a medieval monarch holding court with her entourage of ladies in waiting.
Knowing this nonsense cannot last forever her campaign seems to have set its sights on a do over of her announcement to seek the presidency. Call it Hillary 2.0. Molly Ball of the Atlantic likens it to her reset with Russia and the Putin thugocracy.

The second coming out party will be held on Governors Island. Why not Fantasy Island? Talk about a fear of crowds! Governors Island has a permanent population of less than 1,000 people and is only accessible by ferry from Brooklyn or lower Manhattan or by a tram from mid town Manhattan. One could post state secrets or even cartoons of Mohammed on billboards on that island and the world would never know. It may be the place where political ambitions go to die.
There are several reports, in fact one can read a new one everyday, of panic among top Democrats as they watch their good queen twist in the wind. The now famous Badger Poll from Wisconsin showing Hillary just 8 points ahead of socialist,senile Bernie Sanders and the CNN poll showing her lead over Rand Paul to be just 1 point and over Walker and Rubio down to 3 must has caused dyspepsia among top Democrats and Clinton loyalists alike. The finding that only 49 percent of voters say she inspires confidence and that 50 percent say she doesn't; only 42 percent say she is honest and trustworthy, and 57 percent say she isn't must have hit them like a quarter cup of epson salts. Keep in mind that a federal court has ordered the State Department to release batches of Clinton's emails every month through next January. It's early in the game but they have only Bernie Sanders in the bullpen. Maybe they'll go for broke and book Hillary on Dancing with the Stars.

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