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Friday, June 12, 2015

Rino Ryan apes Princess Pelosi

If you are visiting this blog chances are you voted for Rep. Paul Ryan. I have long supported Ryan and kept my personal reservations to myself. Seriously this guy has been peddling a budget that balances in 10 years for the last 6 years as if the facts that the nation is about $5 trillion deeper in debt and the population is 6 years older have no impact on dynamic scoring. We are also mindful that he was selected by Speaker Boehner to negotiate away much of the spending discipline dictated by the sequester. He was hoodwinked by Senator Patty Murray, the recreation major from Washington and arguably the dumbest member of both house. Everyone except the Wisconsin Wunderkind, who reminds many of us of the class brown nose from high school, knows that the national debt cannot be reined in by cutting waste when it's politically palatable.
As of late Ryan, who appears to be more impressed with his own intelligence than the rest of us, has become bored at having to speak down to the masses. Wesley Pruden of the Washington Times writes;
Mr. Ryan is having trouble dealing with partisan stress on the eve of the Friday vote. He has lately become a sidekick for Nancy Pelosi,
He lost his cool in an exchange on the floor of the House with a Republican colleague who was pressing him to say out loud, in plain English, what’s actually included in the Pacific Rim trade deal that President Obama regards as crucial to his “legacy.” Mr. Ryan told him, with the heat that Republicans usually regard as a violation of the civility code, that the contents of the legislation are “classified,” that everybody can find out what’s in the legislation once it is adopted and the president signs it. The public should shut up and mind their betters.
We have to pass it to see what's in it. We should make it clear to Congress that we personally intend to score this vote. We don't give a damn what the Chamber of Commerce or Business Roundtable, or the American Farm Bureau think. Vote for this and you are toast and by the way why do they know what's in the treaty and the rest of us do not?
If it's any consolation you probably voted for Sarah Palin too.


  1. He really screwed the pooch on that comment, didn't he? That will be played over and over and over, justifiably. May he lose in the next election to a Tea Partier.

  2. I hope he does lose. I think all the Republicans in the Indiana delegation voted for the measure that failed.