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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Will McSally pull out a win in Arizona?

  It depends on who's doing the counting, or rather, recounting.
  She was ahead at the top but, as we learned from the Al Franken nightmare, anything can and will happen.
The Barber-McSally race is the only one outstanding in the country. With all the other results final but that one, Republicans hold a 246-188 majority in the House. At this point, Republicans hold their largest majority in the House since 1948. The AP reports: “If McSally wins, Republicans would have 247 seats, the largest majority since 1929-31 when the GOP controlled 270 seats in President Herbert Hoover’s administration.”
  As usual, the press has been out doing its job trying to drum up victory for Democrats.
  We'll know by the 16th.
  If Colonel McSally wins, I'm sure the so-called MSM will ignore it.
  If her grizzled opponent wins, I'm sure it will be heralded as either a beam of light in a "somewhat" dark election OR a harbinger of good things to come for Democrats.
  Regardless the Soros project to put as many Secretaries of State in place, Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett is a Republican.

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