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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My cultural insensitivity

  I have to confess that the older I get, the less I understand this culture. Sadly, I must conclude that my mother was right.
  It's unreasonable to expect, nowadays, that the privileged among us studying law at major universities take their final exams when they've been traumatized, indeed, in "total despair" and devolved into "inconsolable tears" over the "psychic effects" of current events, so much so that one of the privileged is motivated to publish a long exegesis explaining that it's not because they're "coddled weak millenials" but because they're strong.
  Around the country, then, protesters are protesting the color of the skin of protesters. See, the culture will cure itself of racism by being racist.
 The complaint over in San Francisco was that the "white guys are trying to take over the microphones," which would be a bad thing presumably, because the color of your skin is more important than the content of your character, I guess.
  We learn that (in a slap to white Leftist sympathizers) "Dear white protesters, this is not about you" which I guess means shut up, stupid, I'm the center of attention not you, reinforced here at SFGate,:
The sentiment was forcefully articulated in a widely distributed Tumblr post this week in which an unnamed, apparently African American poster wrote: “Dear white protesters, this is NOT about you,” and urged whites to “hand over the bullhorn to a Black person (because your voice doesn’t need a bullhorn to be heard ...).”
And it erupted Tuesday on the steps of Old City Hall in Berkeley, when City Councilman Kriss Worthington, who is white, was repeatedly interrupted as he denounced aggressive police before a crowd of protesters.
“Let a black person talk!” one yelled. “We’ve heard from enough Caucasian men!” yelled another. Worthington handed the mike over to Councilman Jesse Arreguin, who is Latino — and after similar heckling, the megaphone was passed to a black UC Berkeley student who was warmly welcomed.
  But this blog post isn't about race.
  It's about (I think) the spiritual vacuity in the lives of people who seem to have nothing to do but complain about everything while trying to change everybody else with more rules, regulations, condemnations and a few shoes thrown at your head now and then.
  Even laundry detergent isn't safe in I HATE THIS PLANET psycho world.
    This, yes, this new "Flirty Shades of Surf" , a womyn claims, "glorifies and normalises abuse of women and is not appropriate to be sold as a laundry product."
  Originally, this move away from our Father God as the Judeo Christian west has traditionally viewed God sprang from the Age of Reason's confidence in mankind as a rational being.
  Here you can see, all previous rationale has been breezily tossed out the window like a gum wrapper on a Texas highway.
  Then there's Sally Kohn's squawk, er, tweet that "If a bunch of Sony execs can be so blatantly racially biased, should be easy to realize such bias exists in baking, schools, police, etc."
  So, um, yeah, racist baking. I understand Ms. Kohn omitted a letter there, but, yeah. Is this so hard to believe?
  And while the sane among us (which currently outnumber the insane, at least for now) queue up to pile flowers at the site of another Islamic terrorist attack, an Australian newspaper pleads for sympathy for the violent Islamic murderer who "must have loved ones too" except, yeah, he killed her. 
  Happily, journalistic endeavors rarely involve research and common sense anymore. No wonder The Toledo Blade is piling up on our driveways every day, unwanted but free.
  Not to kill even your Christmas spirit, but Katherine Timpf over at NRO has a list of shopping tips from the culturally sensitive, though I'm sure their sensitivity does not tip toward the unborn, Christians, Jews, Catholics, conservatives, Republicans, ok, I'll stop.
  Anyway, here are some of the "shopping tips" she offers from the "PC police":
Toys like army men promote aggression in boys and can lead them to abuse women later in life. ( army men.)
Fight against sexist “princess culture” by giving girls one of these books about environmental activist, “gender-nonconforming” princesses. ( princesses.)
Give the “traveling man” in your life a shawl! And if you don’t think men like shawls, you’re sexist. ( cardigans.)
  But, but, BUT,  don't even THINK about buying a "normal size Barbie" doll, either, because she's too pretty.
  WELL, we can take care of THAT in actual HUMANS by encouraging WOMYN to dye their armpit hair, a topic so important that the Washington Post has illustrated it here.
  And, hey, those climate change formerly global warming CHRISTmas carols are a real lift to the spirit! 
  (silent night! Endless night! All is dark, there’s no light. Cyclone clouds have blocked out the sky, We’re almost out of our dry-meat supply. Sleep in uneasy peace. We may have to eat Aunt Bernice.)
  And then there's the big rape culture hoax, embraced by many college students who diligently berate and ban conservative viewpoints but are eating their own these days, just as their Communist professors have diligently taught them but are shocked by the boomerang.
 These people really are (thankfully) in the minority.
  Maybe it's because I live in a Great Lakes state that I find this all so banal, so indicative of restless, empty spirits searching for meaning deeper than oneself.
  All I can say is that people aren't going to find meaning in their lives by dyeing their armpit hair, acting like Grinches at Christmas or even by buying normal sized Barbie dolls.
  It takes a little more work outside oneself.
  Like maybe trying a selfie with the God who is there
  Just be sure to avoid Dr. Frank & Edith (whom I met) Schaeffer's apostate son Frankie, whose Christianity has apparently been subsumed by the most impressive American cultural trends.

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