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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Our DIVA President and his wife

  I think, America, we have to face the fact that the POTUS and FLOTUS are indeed DIVAs of enormous narcissism.
   The story's out there that Obama wanted to "play through" the 16th hole on a Hawaii golf course, even though "playing through" meant forcing an Army couple to relocate their wedding. 
  Ironically, knowing he would be in Hawaii during their wedding, the soldiers had whimsically sent an invitation to him, only to be told 24 hours before their outdoor wedding that Obama not only wasn't interested in attending their wedding, he was kicking them off their planned wedding location.
  The event coordinator assured the world that their knock off wedding location would be much nicer than the one Obama was planning on using, though word leaked out that the bride was "emotional" over losing the long planned wedding site.
  It's pretty hard to believe Obama didn't KNOW he wrecked their wedding, but considering he gets most of his info from MSNBC, I GUESS it's possible.
  I've noted on many occasions that the Obamas frequently are unconcerned about optics but since this incident has hit the fan for some reason, he's decided to make a public apology with a videotaped phone call.
“Listen, congratulations on your wedding,” Obama said in the call. “I feel terrible. Nobody told us and had they mentioned they were going to have a wedding on the 16th hole we would have skipped the 16th hole, I hope the wedding went OK anyway,” he added.
  As usual, Obama has claimed that "nobody told us" meaning it was somebody else's fault, not mine because if I had only KNOWN, I would have. Whatever. No one believes it.
  I'm actually wondering why he's even bothered to worry about the optics of this situation. 
  He never has before.

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