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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Obama FULLY SUPPORTS endangering American lives

  We have noted repeatedly that the Obama administration seems intent on ramping up a race war, increasing divisions between the races and discrediting the United States in general.
  It is with a heavy heart that I read the news today.
  It's one thing to parade around the world, discounting the tremendous contributions of Americans to world peace and order.
  To represent this magnificent country by bowing and scraping to heavy fisted leaders of countries who make no pretense of fair treatment of its citizens.
  Our allies--who will now undoubtedly be former allies--have begged Obama and the Democrats not to release the Senate interrogation report which will inflame the monsters who are beheading Christian children, murdering every American they can get their hands on and attempting to blow up American cities.
  Yet Dianne Feinstein and Barack Obama--for no apparent reason other than political spitefulness--released this information.
  Democrats excoriate--without consulting--the American intelligence agents who water boarded a couple murderers to get information that saved lives.
  Yet what does Obama do?
  Rather than capturing them to get information, Obama sends drones to kill al Qaeda along with anyone in the area of the strike.
  Any murderers captured under the Bush administration are being systematically released back into the battlefield, just as Obama released 5 terrorist generals back into the field in trade for an American deserter, a man undoubtedly after Obama's own heart.
  Regardless what this does to America's image to our allies, as Krauthammer says, we undoubtedly won't have any allies left anyway. Who would want to work with the Obama administration after this?
  We read report after report of our military being disheartened with a low morale, just as we read of low morale among law enforcement personnel.
  Who would want to be a policeman after what the Holder DOJ has been doing? Seriously? Bringing in government grievance mongers to discuss white privilege after the Ferguson riots?
  Now the CIA--asked to do a job approved by Congress including Feinstein--says no one on the committee who wrote this report even interviewed them.
  In fact, no Republicans were ever consulted.
  From the CIA website rebuttal, we are reminded of this:

   We might recall that the death of Osama bin Laden (information which was obtained through enhanced interrogation) was highly touted as the theme of the Democrat convention.
  Now Americans around the world must brace for the assault, as if we haven't been targeted enough.
  This despicable act by Feinstein is fully supported by Obama, who could stop it if he wished.
  From Townhall:
Yesterday White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the administration has been planning for the release of this report for months and understands that although the release of the report could endanger American lives overseas, President Obama fully supports its release. Secretary of State John Kerry made a phone call to Feinstein late last week asking her to seriously consider the timing of the release, especially with the current level of instability in the Middle East.
  Note that: they've been planning on this for months, and "although the release of the report could endanger American lives overseas, President Obama fully supports its release."
  An act of our government could and most probably will endanger American lives and yet OUR president supports it.
  This is despicable. Despicable. Despicable.

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