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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Leftists lose focus, expose the truth about their "vision"

  This week in politics--and culture--has been a testy one.
  Americans have broken laws with virtual impunity, their behavior justified across social and corporate media, not to mention supported by the administration.
  Persons of many races have had their businesses destroyed, while the actions of the criminals have been applauded by even average citizens, by virtue of the specious meme "black lives matter."
  An organization that performs numerous abortions on black babies ludicrously echoed the meme that "black lives matter," an act that prompted conservative media outrage.
It has been estimated that since 1973 Black women have had about 16 million abortions. Michael Novak had calculated "Since the number of current living Blacks (in the U.S.) is 36 million, the missing 16 million represents an enormous loss, for without abortion, America's Black community would now number 52 million persons. It would be 36 percent larger than it is. Abortion has swept through the Black community like a scythe, cutting down every fourth member."
  Though other Americans have repeatedly denounced the actions of the lawless Obama administration, Leftists have doubled down, with the DNC chairwoman claiming that voters agree with Democrats.
  Meanwhile in a shameful display in Louisiana, Mary Landrieu, who won her seat years ago under dubious circumstances, tried her hardest to defeat an opponent by lying about her politics, by laughably claiming she was pro-life, by claiming her opponent was pro-slavery and generally lying about everything she could think of to get black voters out to vote for her. (Those links are quite interesting, btw.)
  These scurrilous attacks were supported by a black Democrat Louisianan mayor who openly encouraged voter fraud with the promise that it would not be prosecuted because a Democrat district attorney (do we see a pattern here?) had been re-elected and would not bring charges against voter fraud perpetrators.
  We also saw the black elite who rule our country encourage social dissent and police animosity, instead of encouraging unity, prosperity and comity, thus advancing the destruction of the social contract.
  Let's not even mention that charlatan racemongers like Al Sharpton have taken their places as actual presidential advisors and national role models.
  And the new fear is rampant racism without racists.  
  What? WHAT?
  This was a disgusting week. 
  I myself feel soiled from having even watched small portions of the news this week.
  However, we continue to hope for change, remembering that ugly political acts have been part of every country's landscape since the beginning of time and that sometimes we grow from them, eventually rejecting the behavior that corrupts our culture.
  For one, Landrieu lost resoundingly, even with the voter fraud edge which had aided her in the past.
  Some in the Democrat party are increasingly voicing dismay at the destruction of its party on a national level, with even hard core Democrats realizing their miserable vote on the miserable Obamacare was costing them and will continue to cost them. 
  (My pointing out the corruption in the Democrat party is not to diminish the lack of leadership and principles in the Republican party.)
  The somewhat truthful admissions by Democrats are only offered, it is surmised, not to change their ways but to as a political expediency to woo back--ie, fool--voters into thinking corrupt politicians were changing their ways.
  And the whole rave about "rape culture" has fallen apart as the Rolling Stone admits an inflammatory story it published was a lie, indeed an extraordinary attempt to convict white fraternity men at the University of Virginia, not unlike the Lena Dunham accusation of rape by a college Republican. 
  But men are beginning to fight back legally, both in the UV case and the Dunham case. 
  The fight against government controlled health care--which includes unelected death panels--continues.
  Some are admitting that Obama's policies are systematically destroying his own party, not to mention the country's economic, social and spiritual health.
  While some Democrats are attempting minimal truthfulness to mitigate the disastrous elections, others are retreating into their fantasy worlds,the Utopia Leftists create in their fantasies--one with themselves acting as God like figures and blue birds are perched on every Democrat shoulder as they get to decide what everyone eats, drinks and does. 
  Exposure of these fantasies is not a bad thing, as it will continue to reveal Leftist delusions about life in America.
 What this week's dismal behavior represents to me personally is that, just as Leftists reject the God who is there, they attempt to re-create that God within themselves and their influence on the lives of others. 
  They violently seek "justice" in the streets by looting, maiming and killing. How this will lead to their desired Utopia is inexplicable: only that the emptiness of their core, their hearts and their souls.
  They fill their minds and hearts with themselves...repeated selfies which have promoted plastic surgery. 
  Their primary intellectual efforts are attempting to prove that there is no absolute truth, no fact that cannot be manipulated, no Spirit that exists beyond human limitations.
  There is no God, except the self.
  In short, as I have written before, I believe the fools are being winnowed just as wheat is winnowed from the chaff in a field of harvest.
  This is not to say the "wheat" is good, pure or even meets any standard by which God--the winnower--judges humans.
  What it means is that this is a natural eschatological occurrence, a natural consequence of depraved behavior. (Again, I am not writing suggesting that Democrats make up the lost in this country. That would be foolhardy and partisan. Just that the state of affairs in our country is a result of a turning away from morality, an`d ultimately God Himself.)
  These things must happen, because we are all given choices and God is a God who extends forgiveness many times to all who are willing to accept it. Thus the equation must change repeatedly, just as our depravity devolves over time.
  The question we must ask ourselves is this: Is God Himself moving in a way He has not moved in our lifetimes?
  Fear and anxiety have increased during these perilous times.
  I dare say that's part of the plan

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