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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Boy, am I tired of Obama

  We all go through phases. 
  I just happen to be in one of those phases where I can't stand the sound of Barack Obama's voice.
  I can't stand the strutting of the sickly skinny peacock tax cheat Al Sharpton or any of the lavishly dressed foul race hustlers who surround the "President" with lies and extravagant plans to bilk even more money out of the suckers who've paid more in taxes than ever in the history of this country.
  I can't bear to hear one more racial epithet, one more vow to burn down people's belongings, one more threat that white people should die, threats that Louis Farrakhan manages to croak out publicly every year or so.
  Most of all, I can't tolerate or even pretend to tolerate the Obamabots--of whom I know quite a few--spouting justifications of the murder and mayhem that have been wrought on the town of Ferguson and around the country in the name of Black lives mattering as much as the lives of others.
  It's obvious at this point that Barack Obama's modus operandi for his last two years is to foment as much hatred and division between the races and classes as he can muster, Greek columns notwithstanding. 
  He just makes up crap as he goes, then lies about it, then lies about the lies. Geez. I've seen high school freshmen who lie better than he does.
  His constant finger wagging, repetition of the same brilliant phrases "Let me be clear," condescension and occasional lapsing into some sort of slang lingo, his constant need for attention and adoring crowds to slobber over him, his Black supremacy race baiting, his sly digs, his political correctness, his abuse of government agencies to retaliate against his declared "enemies," the fear that if you go to sleep at night, when you wake up some new "initiative" or worse will have taken over DC in the morning that will entail bowing before our betters and working a plow for nothing.
  But, most of all, what I'm most tired of is being disappointed that someone with so much apparent potential (no matter how deceitful that illusion was) could fail quite so miserably at leadership, at loving this country and bringing its people together.
  One can only imagine what the next 2 years will hold. Our only hope is that Barack Obama is so damned tired of his job that he'll drift off in boredom, playing with his golf clubs or watching reruns of aptly named "Breaking Bad."
  I'm not even bothering to link to any of the above sickening reports.
  These people are positively revolting. I mean, if you don't get how rank Leftists are by now, you're a lost cause; you're being winnowed out and when the Rapture comes, you're obviously going to be left on the couch, Cheez Whiz around your mouth, surrounded by dirty napkins and empty pizza boxes.
  Victor Davis Hanson (who, btw, just lost his beautiful young daughter) ticks off the list of failed Obama programs, offering both a summary and a consequence for each bomb.
  The best thing at this point is probably to immerse one's self in Lifetime Christmas movies, just to escape the unrelenting stream of stinking news.
  True, your brain will feel squidgy, kind of like your body feels when you've eaten nothing but sugar all day, but it's got to be better than watching one more explosion, one more hateful speech about "equality" for Black people when the ruling elite is primarily Black, one more lecture that "that's just not who we are" or one more admonition that the cops acted stupidly and therefore we must make them go through training to be nice to Black people, even if they're trying to bash your brain in or grab your weapon.
  Somehow we survived Carter, only mercifully he only had one shot at ruining the country.
  The only consolation is that the buffoons continue to reveal themselves and there's a good chance they're totally screwing themselves for the next election. Every doctor bill aka Obamacare aka deductible that every law abiding citizen in this country (and I do not mean illegal aliens) pays is a reminder that the freeloaders won when we got Obama.
  And Old Hillary is looking older, more dusty and decrepit every day.
  Just haul out Hillarycare.
  Yeah, that's the ticket.
  Kind of like putting lipstick on a pig, idn't it.

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