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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


  What is black privilege?
  This is a question I have not previously seen in media but I think it's an important discussion to enter into the marketplace of ideas.
  We've been inundated with demands to acknowledge that, having been born with white skin, a person automatically possesses white privilege, which appears to be an amorphous mutating condition, often disallowing those with white skin from speaking knowledgeably about race, here discussed by Sally Kohn who has white skin but possesses black privilege:
It’s not wrong to be white. Maybe a few people in America think so, but that’s it. What racial justice activists and those protesting in Ferguson do think is that it’s wrong to not scrutinize what race means in our society today — how implicit bias shapes everything from our neighborhoods to our economy to who gets to live and who gets to die when they’re doing nothing else but holding a toy. That’s what’s wrong. We don’t have a choice about which side of that equation we’re born on, but we do have a choice about whether we acknowledge the reality of bias and talk honestly — together — about solutions.
  Having been assured by Sally that it's "not wrong to be white," let me elucidate further the subject of black privilege
  At the outset of of this post, I should specify that there are some distinct characteristics of having black privilege, including these:
  • You do not have to be black to have black privilege.
  • You can lose black privilege if you have black skin but have the wrong content of character.
  • You can also lose black privilege in other ways:   If you attempt to build character for any reason including acquiring discipline, entering the military, becoming a scholar, speaking clearly and/or having sympathies with others who attempt to build character.
  • The content of your character--or lack thereof--determines the amount of black privilege you can claim.
  • Everyone must be evaluated by the color of their skin.
  • Just about anything you do can and sometimes will be excused~with impunity. 
  • You can loot the property of other persons of black privilege as long as you are doing it to show others you aren't "playing games."
  • You can accuse those with white privilege of being cowards, while in turn if they do discuss race they are considered racists.
  So what is black privilege?
  Black privilege means you can claim grievance for events that happened decades, even centuries ago. 

  Because of events that happened decades or even centuries ago, you can demand special rights, special exemptions, special reparations and the imposition of special fines.
  You can expect to receive government grants and loans simply for the color of your skin, regardless the content of your character.
  Black privilege means you can claim that black lives matter, yet abort 25% of your population. You can march in the streets demanding that the financial cost of aborting those black lives be paid by others, regardless of sexual behavior.
  You can skip final exams because you're upset about an incident that did not involve you involving someone you did not know.
  You can hold the highest offices of the land, yet claim that racial prejudice is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people who elected you.
  If you have black privilege, you can accuse others of being too aware of the color of someone's skin, but you yourself can judge everyone who does not possess black privilege of being too aware of the color of someone's skin.
  If you have black privilege, you really cannot be proud of your country. Instead, you need to repeatedly and continuously report things that you perceive your country does wrong, at least according to the content of your character and mindset.
  If you have black privilege, you are allowed to roam the streets complaining that black lives matter, even while hammering to death those with white privilege
  You might even choose to find someone with white privilege and literally torture them in the most hideous ways even perverted movie directors haven't imagined, knowing that, though you may end up in jail for committing these horrendous acts **or**you may not
  Most assuredly, a person with black privilege will know that the press (including the so-called main stream media) will simply not be interested in what you've done or the victims you've tortured and murdered. This is true whether your victims have black privilege or white privilege
  Also note that, when you are a black privilege murderer, no angered mobs will roam the streets, setting businesses on fire and hurting people because they're mad those tortured white privilege victims have been murdered.
  But as a person possessing black privilege, you may also beat and kill other persons possessing black privilege, sometimes with impunity but sometimes not. It just depends on the city and whether the police have black or white privilege in enforcing laws, which apparently (in some cities) were written primarily for persons with white privilege.
  You can be a minister of God with black privilege which in some cases entitles you to be called "the reverend" without any of the traditional qualities usually required of persons of the cloth. In fact, you can be a tax cheat and a divisive racemonger who encourages violence and swears at your audience and still call yourself a man of God.
  In fact, if you possess black privilege--and let me remind that a person does NOT have to have black skin to possess black privilege but even may forfeit black privilege by having the wrong content of character--if you possess black privilege, you are allowed--even expected--to be belligerent, profane, bitter, accusatory, smug, hateful, self-confident and utterly devoid of logical reasoning, always returning in debate (particularly absent rational reasoning) to your own black privilege and the lack thereof of your debating partner, who undoubtedly does not possess black privilege because they have the audacity to argue with you, a person of black privilege.
  And, remember, most important of all.
  If you have black privilege, your argument always wins because everyone else is stupid.
UPDATE: College president apologizes for saying all lives matter. 
More racial attacks. 
Black conservative again attacked

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