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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tea Party mom wins against false arrest

  I have to say I'm pleased that Nancy Genovese has won her lawsuit against the Long Island cop who arrested her for having a legally owned rifle and taking a picture of a helicopter outside an Air National Guard base.
  I wrote about this here around the time it happened. Unfortunately the that supported many of the details of the story is no longer around but Hot Air and the NY Post have some of the details but the most horrifying details are missing.
  I quote the now defunct blog here from my previous post:
Using force, Lieutenant Iberger pushed Nancy Genovese when she objected to the seizure of her rifle. Deputy Carlock taunted Nancy, asking in a disparaging tone, “You’re a real right winger, aren’t you?”, and stating in words or substance that she was never going to see her rifle again.
During the remainder of the six hours that Nancy Genovese was forcibly detained on the side of the road, she was taunted, verbally harangued, threatened, belittled, abused, humiliated and harassed by members of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office. For example, Deputy Carlock repeatedly referred to Nancy as “a right winger” and “tea bagger”, and threatened that they were going to arrest her for terrorism to make an example of her to other “tea baggers” and “right wingers”.
  But the story doesn't end there. If she'd been released after six hours, that would have been a really bad experience, but nothing like what this woman experienced, apparently as a "lesson" to "teabaggers."
She was thrown into jail for 3 days with the general population. These are her claims:
  • She was injected with unknown fluid. 
  • She was stared at by guards when told to remove her clothes. 
  • She was put into a strait jacket, accused of being crazy. 
  • Much of the money she was forced to leave in an unlocked car was stolen.
Mediaite claimed she was a Glenn Beck fan. Well, she must be guilty, for sure.
  The charges were eventually dropped, but the damage was done.
  Sounds like an episode of Fringe, right?
  Murtha and Murtha deal with the scoffing that this actually occurred here.
  Once she got out of jail, Nancy sued. The town of Southhampton defaulted, having its head attorney distracted by personal problems, as he said. Nancy therefore won a judgment of $70 million, which will likely be challenged.
  The Examiner also discusses this story here and here.
  Make no mistake.
  If this is true, which it appears to be, there's a lot more at stake here than just one woman's story.
  The money to which this previous post refers, I believe refers to her sons' tuition dollars which she had on the front seat.
  This was an obvious case of harassment.
  Little did we know at the time this was written that acts just like this were going on at the highest level of government against Tea Partiers. 
  But you know what they say. What goes around.

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