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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Just tell your doctor to go to hell

In a sane world it would be the patient not the doctor who asked about the other's gun ownership but if you are on Medicare expect to hear questions concerning gun ownership from your primary care physician soon.
"Do you keep loaded firearms in your home?" is the most frequent question as this covert assault on the Second Amendment, engineered by the authors of Obamacare, is implemented. Your response will be recorded as part of your mandated electronic medical record.
"Who wants to know?" is the logical rejoinder. Your physician has not taken any particular interest in your private life up until now so who wants to know? If medical records are confidential how will a federal bureaucrat know what answer you give? Oh, but your medical records are to be shared with any federal agency that takes an interest in your personal life. It's not as if you were an illegal migrant who is afforded every privacy protection including a confidential zip code.
This would be a good fight to fight soon. If majorities in both house of congress cannot protect senior citizens' privacy maybe it's time to start firing again.
Florida has already enacted legislation that prohibits physicians from asking about gun ownership and other states will follow but in the meantime you have the right to tell your doctor to go to hell.

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