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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Leftists leverage racism....again

   If you're depressed today, you'd better not read this post.
  Are these items related to the Obama administration's meddling in race relations? 
  Obama's contention that racial prejudice is deeply rooted in American society?
  Are they related to Holder's action of sending in government grievance mongers into Ferguson to discuss "white privilege," the police and that black lives matter?
  Last week a white Bosnian man named Begic was attacked, beaten and murdered by black youths. "Authorities" immediately claimed it was not a hate crime. 
  Would they claim this if Begic were black?
   A white Bosnian woman was just attacked in the same neighborhood. A Bosnian neighbor claims marauding bands of black youths have been harassing white  Bosnians for quite some time:

"It is common for African-American teens to walk in the middle of the street and block in cars at intersections," said the man, who has lived in the neighborhood for half a decade. "We have been stopped at intersections in Bevo and our car attacked by teens who pound on the car -- laughing at us."
"They only do this to white individuals, who they have learned will generally not respond. There is a pattern here and it is racially motivated," he alleged. "Many of us are arming ourselves in order to avoid becoming the next victim to be beaten to death in the streets."
  Though the FBI has entered this particular case to investigate it as a "hate crime," where are the crowds demanding that the lives of whites have the same value as the lives of blacks
  In fact, the harassment has been going on for some time by black hoodlums whose lives apparently have more value than the lives of others who are not black:
Fox News also reported there had been a string of previous crimes involving poor minorities and Bosnians in the area.
And an AP story reposted on the chamber Web page said there have been other violent incidents lately that have rattled the Bosnian community. A 19-year-old Bosnian immigrant was shot and killed in a May 2013 convenience store robbery, and earlier this month, there was an armed robbery and separate carjacking.
  Where is the Occupy crowd? Where are the racists claiming white privilege now?
  Are they busy claiming that the song "White Christmas" is racist?
  There are rumors, some say false, that a second grand jury witness in Ferguson has been found dead.
  Most horrendous is the fact that a young white woman who had recently separated from her abusive black boyfriend was found tortured and ultimately died in a most unspeakable way and it is believed to have been murdered by that black boyfriend and/or his black cronies. Even her black friends say he's the perpetrator.
  Don't read the account of what they did to her unless you have a strong stomach.
  But where are the grievance mongers demanding justice for that young white woman? 
  Instead we have the prospect of local law officials covering it up because the story doesn't fit the narrative Obama and his ilk favor.
  The most powerful offices in our country are held by black people, yet there is more racial unrest and crabbing about white people than we've heard in decades, a fact that enhances the agenda of both black and white rich Democrats.
  And this is where we are today.
  Judging justice by color. 
  I prefer not to think of color as a yardstick for how I value my friends and family, but then that quality is apparently part of my "white privilege" mentality because, if you're Obama or his "kind", you judge everyone by the color of their skin.
  And that's ok.
  Because, you know.
  Black privilege.

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