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Friday, March 11, 2016

Yuge protests planned for St. Louis

  As the reality show rolls on, we learn that BLM is organizing large scale protests at the Trump rally in St. Louis. From Gateway Pundit who is located in the St. Louis area:
The fascist Donald Trump is coming to our city this Friday. It is our job and our duty to unite to #ShutItDown.
UPDATE: **Buying tickets and then not showing up WILL NOT BE EFFECTIVE. Peabody Opera House will be filled with overflow crowd if people with tickets do not show up. Make sure to spread this as well.**
If you would like assistance from us to help protect your safety, please feel free to message us and we will be making the proper connections as needed in the near future. If you got a ticket and would like to attend the actual Trump Rally, get there early! His website says doors open at 9AM, with the rally starting at noon, and we’re sure others will be there even earlier than that.
The safety of everyone either at the rally or part of our efforts is our top priority. Several measures will be taken to ensure this is upheld.
  But the BLM crowd is to be admired, IMHO. This whole "lives matter" business has really caught on!
  Witness 40 minutes down the road from us at Ann Arbor, the little Moscow, where they are protesting a deer cull (not human abortions, mind you, which are not "killing ourselves," but deer control).
Opponents of the Ann Arbor deer cull instead urged contraceptives or other non-lethal, but potentially more expensive, methods of population control.
“Deer lives matter, and all lives matter. We are all one in spirit.” activists chanted at the memorial. “When we kill the deer, we kill ourselves.”
   Watch the memorial rally video! Deer lives matter!

  There's a deer memorial pictorial here. It's quite moving. Really!
  So forge on, BLM! You are right on the money protesting Trump. I think he might know how to deal with you!
the misspeller deer hunter is found here 


  1. The Bureau of Land Management is protesting Trump? Oh, we have someone else jousting for that acronym?

  2. Huh. You are REALLY behind the times, aintcha? BLACK LIVES MATTER but maybe not as much as DEER LIVES MATTER and CHICKEN LIVES MATTER.