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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Lights out for Rubio? The establishment stumbles.

  Rubio may just have finished himself.
  Those of us who watched Fox News have noticed the bias in recent days; now, some of it may really be just certain personalities' (Brit Hume, Krauthammer, Hayward) glum outlooks toward Trump.
  But Roger Ailes has admitted they have been biased for the Republican establishment by saying FNC is now "finished" with the "Rubio thing."
  Today Breitbart has an exclusive story about Rubio's campaign manager plotting to overthrow Trump at the convention.
  From Breitbart:
Donald Trump doesn’t choose his delegates for the national convention, I don’t choose Marco Rubio’s, Ted Cruz doesn’t choose his. These are people –in many cases who have already started the process, they ran on a slate at their precinct, then it was GOP conventions, then at their state conventions, to become a delegate for the national convention. Some of you I know have been delegates in the national convention here, different way, different state, it’s a pretty laborious process. It is generally not someone who just – a casual voter if you will, or someone who is just suddenly energized. These are people who have been involved in the process for a long time, have relationships with other activists, because you’re elected at your state convention. So why that’s important—and I know I’m side tracking, but this is an important [point]—when you show up at the convention, if I just say, ‘I want to go to Cleveland, because well it’s a fun place to go hangout in July—thank you Reince Priebus. After I spend 15 minutes at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.’ Most of the people go to these conventions because they believe in the Republican Party, they believe in a core set of issues, they’ve been doing this for a while.
In continuing to explain it, Sullivan even admitted that the debate audiences have been stacked against Trump and for Rubio—something the Rubio campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) have repeatedly denied. 
We've seen the Republican Establishment freak out with the prospect of Trump as the candidate; numerous establishment PACs have poured money into Rubio and against Trump.
  In addition, Rubio has been behaving badly, mocking Trump with sexual innuendo and trying to trump Trump but it hasn't worked. Instead he seems like a frantic schoolboy.
  Rubio has canceled trips to Kentucky and Louisiana.
  Breitbart points out that Rubio has the worst attendance record at his job of representing the American people.
  This will not stand with the American people, many of whom already perceive the system as stacked against the people for the establishment, who all want to keep their special designations and DC parking spots.
  Romney's speech this morning will do nothing to stop Trump; in fact, it will motivate Trump voters even more. 
  Romney may be a good man, but he's part of the establishment and a failed candidate who chose not to articulate the reasons to vote for a Republican and make a clear case against Democrat corruption.
   We've definitely noticed those packed audiences, the cheering and jeering for the establishment favored candidates. 
  And guess what.
  Tonight's Michigan debate audience has been chosen by the chair of the Michigan Republican party whose name is Ronna Romney McDaniel.
  If this debate goes the way the others have gone, the Trumpsters--many of whom are Reagan Democrats & blue collar workers-- will go crazy. Crazy.
  Both parties have disgraced themselves.
  Let the Revolution roll. 

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