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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Vile anti-Trump disrupters disgrace themselves

  So apparently being 20 points ahead in Florida has given The Donald the motivation to cancel a rally in Florida and head to Ohio.
  Twitchy notes that 1000 people were signed up to protest Trump and are now horribly disappointed that they can't infringe on the rights of others by squelching free speech PROTEST Trump's appearance.
  Apparently the Florida FB posters/protesters/disrupters see no irony in remarks like this:
JPink Panther I know it's hard for retards who support the GOP to understand the phrase "hate-free."
  Add this to the FNC media etc proclaiming that disrupters at Trump rallies are an "embarrassment" to Trump while never reporting the origin of those disrupters and you can see why voters are disgusted.
  The haters are the disrupters who feel absolutely no compunction about slandering and attacking those who support Trump. This kind of stuff is all over FB, Twitter, Reddit, the web in general, not to mention personal confrontations.
  As I've said many times, I'm not a Trump fan in general but.... 

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