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Friday, March 25, 2016

A Cruz much is true?

  Sometimes there's a difference between news and gossip; other times--well, gossip IS news, especially if there are facts behind the gossip.
  Anyway, it looks to me like there's a game changer in the wind for the election.
  Yes, it's being "broken" in the National Enquirer which one might remember also broke the story of John Edwards and several others' shenanigans.
  You might have noticed an unusual synergy between two Republican candidates' wives' backgrounds. Turns out the story isn't really about the wives as much as one husband.
  It's called #thething on Twitter.
  While families (wives) should be off limits, the candidates themselves are not. (I might add if you have a wife who has done photo shoots no other FLOTUS has ever done, she really is part of your story too but I digress.)
  Three of the women have been identified and several confirmed.
  This story has been around since before March 10; today will be a big day for it, as it appears media has been ignoring it.
  It's also strange that Carly Fiorina's campaign received a $500,000 donation from the Cruz campaign and that that address is the same as the address for the PAC which posted the nude Melania photo. One of the identified women worked for the Fiorina campaign. Hm. 
  In addition, a Washington Times reporter has confirmed two of the women.
  Sometimes (most of the time) I hate politics. This is a shame. considering that Heidi Cruz has had some mental health issues, as many Americans have for various reasons.
  Read the links and decide for yourself. 
  This looks like a rough weekend for Cruz, regardless. 
UPDATE: One says no.

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  1. The fact that had an Ashley Madison account makes the story more credible. As they used to say, You don't go to a whore house to listen to the piano.