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Saturday, March 5, 2016

The pros & cons of Donald Trump, post debate review

  So I've let the last horrendous debate settle into my thinking so I wouldn't rant incoherently in this post. 
  Though I'm still struggling with the whole incoherence thing while watching this clown show play out, I've reached a few conclusions. Well, for today anyway.
  I am not a Trump fan. 
  •   His lack of verbal discipline is unnerving. 
  •   He shoots out ideas like an out of control garden hose. 
  •   He can be mean. 
  •   He's had many failures. His ideology seems to swing with whomever he spoke with last. 
  •   He claims to be a Christian but says he's never had to ask God for forgiveness, thus obviating his claim. 
  •   He's profane. 
  •   He's switched positions numerous times. 
   In an attempt to stay positive, which is admittedly difficult these days. Here are the counter arguments:
  •   Conversely, his politically incorrect speech is refreshing. We are sick of the pc censorship crowd who won't limit their own speech but want to limit speech they don't like, which is everything that isn't their own.
  •   His many ideas are typical of an entrepreneur who's tried and succeeded/failed to make money through numerous outlets. This is the way creativity works in business. Somebody thinks of providing a service or item the public needs or can use. Voila.
  •   His current ideology is what I (and many others) want to hear. We're sick of American jobs going to immigrants who move here to take them, don't want to wait in line, and immigrants who want to move here just for all the free stuff. We have enough lazy citizens without importing the world. It's like leaving the refrigerator door open on a hot day expecting it will act as an air conditioner for the rest of the house.
  •   Donald Trump mean? That's what we need dealing with some of the world out there today. Mean? How about the hardball Democrats play hardball all the time. Republicans are namby pambies when it comes to fighting Leftists. They're namby pambies when it comes to articulating reasons for conservatism and/or Republicanism.
  •   Not a Christian? Well, the thing is that, as Dallas's Jeffress says over at Breitbart (interesting read, btw), 
“Some Christians, including a well-known Christian author, have denounced Trump for his ‘tone’ and ‘vocabulary.’ However, when I’m looking for a leader who is going to sit across the table from Iran or confront radical Islamic terrorists, I don’t care about that leader’s tone or vocabulary. I want the toughest, meanest, son-of-a-gun I can find!” Jeffress adds.
    Numerous evangelicals complain about Trump as a non-Christian, but I must confess I weary of Ted Cruz's repeated and public calls for prayer, not to mention Glenn Beck's insane rants about Trump.
  •   He's switched positions? Reminder: the Gang of Eight. This assumes the people who are in office now will not betray us, will not switch positions. So who can we trust?
  Trump certainly isn't the person I would choose, if I could personally control how this election goes, but I'm fed up with so-called conservatives who say they won't vote for Trump EVEN if it means a Communist or the crazed liar Clinton will be elected.
  This is nonsense.
  Daniel Greenfield at Front Page:
Political campaigns can get ugly and Trump’s style is, at times, to get as nasty as possible, but it’s a sign of misplaced insider priorities to allow personal animus to matter more than the war against the left. It’s not unreasonable for some conservatives to be angry at Trump and his tactics. It is unreasonable to let that anger turn into a petulance that would let the left rule the nation for another eight years.
   Barack Obama started the trash talk against half this country. Barack Obama, the media, Hollywood and the DWSs of the Democrat party have been trashing our side of the aisle as Nazis for years. 
  The Christian Post (which has ties to George Soros...surprise!), Mitt Romney, Erick Erickson and Brit Hume can all go pound sand if they think they'll keep people like me--not especially Trump fans--from voting against Hillary Clinton or Bernie.
  But I agree with Don Surber on this. 
I want to make this clear: I, too, want someone better than Donald Trump as the next president of the United States.
But the truth is, Republicans have no one better. In the marketplace of ideas, he made his case and won.
You think I am happy with this? I am not. But I accept the vote of the public in 15 states.
  The fools who have been running this party could not make a case articulately against any  Democrat. Now they're gunning for a guy much of the country actually wants to actually fight against those thugs. Where was Romney then? Assuming he'd already won?
   Don Surber again on that "butt ugly debate":
The circus on Fox News last night should end the debate season entirely. The Republican National Convention sold 400 of the 450 seats to braying jackasses, and Trump, Rubio and Cruz acted the fool. Kasich stayed out of it. I bailed after 30 minutes.
  No more debates. Please.
  In an ideal world, we'd be able to get rid of the insipid Reince Priebus.
  And seriously?
  If this is the will of the people and the Republican elite continue to work to thwart them, there will be hell to pay, both from the former Republicans and the former Democrats who support Trump.
   So, like, feel the burn, you judgmentalists.
  I'll do what I think is best for this country.


  1. I cannot agree more that Trump's debate performance was abysmal. He seemed to deliberately go off point lest he make a compelling argument but as far as style goes he is head and shoulders above Cruz. I simply cannot imagine listening to his stilted and pedantic verbiage for four years. Did he take speech lessons from Glenn Beck? He spews verbal emocions like a fire hose. I wish he would prayerfully consider the tedium he inflicts upon his audiences. He left me longing for Kasich and his mailman dad or an account of how binders full of women left their kitchens to take up his cause.

    Debating aside, I simply do not trust anyone else in the field to stop illegal immigration or to defend the western world against Islam. Charles Martel is remembered for his action not his oratory.

  2. Cruz lacks the "charm" quotient, that's for sure. I have so many friends who simply don't like him for no logical reason. Plus he's a prosecutor....I can't stand Kasich either and I just really think Little Marco's done. That whole debate was a nightmare, obviously staged to make Trump look bad. Those aping girls behind the moderators made the moderators look even stupider. Kelly & Wallace did themselves no good. They just tried to pit everyone against Trump. And a graphic against Trump but not all the others? Disgusting. And I'm not a Trump fan. I just found it appalling.