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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Explaining Trump

  As any reader/s of this column know/s, my blogging buddy Hoosierman and I have disagreed about Trump for many reasons.
  As the campaigns heat up, our country's situation is becoming more dramatic and consequential every day.
  I have a close Christian friend who says if it comes down to Trump and Clinton, her vote may be for Clinton because of Trump's morality issues. It's as if Clinton's lying and putting national security at risk is not as significant as Trump's swagger and foul mouth.
  I might suggest to my Christian friends that the future of the country is at stake: we know what Hillary will do with Supreme Court nominees but we don't know what Trump will do.
  We know she will compromise our security because she doesn't care about this country; she isn't a patriot.
  Yes, Trump has numerous morality issues and can we trust him?
  The answer to that question: we've trusted the Paul Ryans and Mitch McConnells, not to mention Orrin Hatches and Jeff Flakes, for many, many years. Where has that gotten us? 
  So whom can we trust?
  The best commentary I've read on Trump is from Victor David Hanson here at, believe it or not, National Review:
But is he uniquely dangerous, ignorant, or cruel in terms of either distant or recent American presidential history?  
 I don’t think so. [SNIP]
Those are grounds enough for rejecting him. But what we don’t need is high talk about Trump as something uniquely sinister, a villain without precedent in American electoral history or indeed public life. That is simply demonstrably false. Trump thrives despite, not because of, his crudity, and largely because of anger at Barack Obama’s divisive and polarizing governance and sermonizing — and the Republican party’s habitual consideration of trade issues, debt, immigration, and education largely from the vantage point of either abstraction or privilege.
  Hanson enumerates Trump's flaws and with each flaw, he points to the Democrat parallel, established years ago.
  The problem for both Republicans & Democrats who direct vitriol at Trump is that he is fighting back. Not just arguing, but really fighting back.
   This is unique in our politics. Republicans don't fight back.
  They don't stampede.
  They don't threaten violence.
  In groups, they don't even litter.
  Trump's tactics are as reprehensible at times as.....Democrats.
  Do those Republicans who despise Trump not understand that these same tactics will be employed--perhaps in moderation with a different candidate--to whomever is the Republican running for president?
  And will that Republican candidate be capable not only of fighting back adequately but winning the argument?
  Make no mistake.
  Democrats created Donald Trump, Republican candidate for president.
  They're the ones who fight dirty. They're the ones who mock, ridicule, isolate the target and then repeat the lies until the little fools (who can be bought) have it drilled into their heads.
  No, Trump isn't my candidate of choice. Not in a million years. But there's something to be said for fighting back. I'm not justifying any of Trump's behavior. 
  But we are on a course that cannot be reversed.
  Can Cruz win? I don't know, but I know he has a high unlikeability factor even among Republicans. People just don't like him, his voice, his manner, his face. Unfair as that may be, it is reality.
  Voting for Hillary will wrap it up, wrap up this nation in more debt, more violence, more racial divide, more government and regulations. She's 
already talking about getting us flyover folks to enroll illegals--people breaking the laws of our country--at our own expense.
  As it is, much of the money--billions of dollars--earned by illegal lawbreakers is sent to their home country. 
  As it is, 25% of Mexico lives in the US
  As it is, the IRS pays free money back to illegals who've never paid taxes.
  We do this but we don't have enough money and regulations to help our veterans and fire bad VA employees?
  Another thing: the fact that other nations are concerned that Trump wins-- that the McConnell types are freaked-- that the DC power brokers are frantic that they will lose their power--that's a good sign, not bad.
  The fact that Soros is paying top dollar to disrupters to stop Trump means they're worried he will win.
  It's a sign that they don't think they can control him.
  And if they try to depose the will of the people....well, there'll be hell to pay if they try that and I have a feeling they'll regret it in the long run.

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