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Friday, March 25, 2016

Obama's version of capitalism sure benefits him

  In his best lecturer mode, Obama paces back and forth, no doubt reminiscent of the days when his college students hung on every profound word he utters, here Obama says:"You don’t have to worry about whether it really fits into socialist theory or capitalist theory. You should just decide what works..." because, you know.
  Capitalism has been so rough on him.
  And America is SO rough on him.
  Like when he took 2 jets on his latest trip so that he could run the family over for a fabulous day trip. And, yeah. $200000 an hour to run each one of those jets.
  There's really not much difference between capitalism and communism or socialism, because communism and socialism has not worked everywhere it's been tried, eh? That's Obama's theory.
  He's the one always griping about inequity but as a taxpayer I have to pay his bills.
  Seems fair. 
  Because he's a one percenter.

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