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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Cruz, Rubio, Fox News...making a mistake blaming Trump for Chicago

  Anyone who's read my posts (as opposed to my blogging buddy Hoosierman's) knows I'm not a big Trump fan. I've written quite a few posts over my misgivings of his character and methods.
  I make up my own mind, but I thought Carson's support of Trump was thoughtful.
  So in Ohio we vote in primaries on Tuesday. As a political independent, I haven't voted for primary candidates for decades.
  But the mess in Chicago last night has profoundly influenced me both politically and philosophically.
  As I posted yesterday, the protests in St Louis were planned well in advance by Soros and union goons, not to mention anarchists and BLM goons. Gateway Pundit has been on top of the many developments.
  Essentially Chicago can be reduced to this: the First Amendment is endangered in this country.
  Why would a wealthy successful businessman endanger his life this way, by having to be protected by the Secret Service, wear a bullet proof vest everywhere he goes and have his businesses suffer from all the back lash?
  What most disgusts me at this point are the so-called right wingers who are declaring #nevertrump and that Trump himself is at fault for the monsters who attacked the Trump supporters last night, not to mention Cruz's, Rubio's and Kasich's opportunistic attacks on Trump for the organized protesters' bad behavior.
  One Chicago Trump protester claimed that a Trump supporter had no right to crash their party crashing the Trump rally.
  Fox News has been appalling: even this morning Neil Cavuto keeps pushing the whole "Trump's fault" agenda to none other than Jack Welch who is a Cruz supporter and who said Cruz better support the First Amendment. Welch can see that Cruz has missed the boat by his statement.
  Indeed last night FNC reporters claimed there was much "diversity" in the Chicago population....a euphemism for anarchists and BLM thugs.
  The media in general says that "Trump blames thugs" for canceling the rally. Well, DUH! Do they really think Trump would have canceled his rally for any other reason?
  This is what passes for news in this country: blaming a candidate for thousands of organized protesters. So far these are some of the groups we know were involved in ginning up the protest:
  I repeat.
  Fox News is making a mistake covering these protests sympathetically. Who's their audience?
  Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich are making a mistake by not supporting free speech and opportunistically blaming Trump for the behavior of thugs and goons. 
  I also have no doubt this was organized to prove there is energy on the Left for the election, presumably energy to match the Trump rush.
  This too is a mistake.
  Bernie's not going to win. What happens then?
  These assaults on free speech will produce exactly the opposite intended effect.
  Cleveland is next.
  Here are your "open minded" "peaceful" loving protesters.

Wow. I see I'm not alone.
Add La Raza (THE RACE)

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