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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Republican elite, get with it. You're on your way out.

  Well, now that Super Tuesday is over, maybe things will settle down.
  Said no one.
  Personally I'm disgusted with the whole thing, as well as entertained. I'm not sure I can sit through one more backbiting debate, though the more I watch this race the more I think we're fighting like the screaming arguments in British "collaboration" or the fistfights that occasionally erupt in Asian or Russian politics.
  Though Marco now actually won one state, his presidential future is doubtful, IMHO. There are some pretty nasty rumors out there about him, rumors I thought were dispelled, yet most Americans seem to be willing to overlook youthful indisgressions and are sick of these ad hominem attacks.
  Mostly, though, Marco can't carry off the kind of slippery jeering where Trump excels; instead he looks small and petty. Frankly I'm not sure why Trump is able to amuse while Rubio irritates but it was the consensus in my houseland that Rubio's behaving like an immature, well, I won't write that word.
  I did catch Trump's son on Bill Bennett's radio show the other day and I have to say he was quite reasonable; I have a better view of Trump since hearing that interview. You don't get kids like that without positive input.
  What's most remarkable about the current state of affairs is the absolute bafflement that the Republican establishment and the media have over what's happening around the country. I don't remember our country ever being so polarized, even in the civil rights era of unrest.
  One wonders how the Democrat front runner can be under investigation by the FBI, has a reputation for lying and has put our country's security at risk and yet NO MEDIA are even interested in her behavior.
  And let's not even mention Bernie's unsustainable political positions or his questionable (illegal) campaign contributions because, hey, Obama did the same thing.
  Meh. Who cares?
  But now Donald Trump's hands.....there's a story!
  Instead we have long expositions on the size of Donald Trump's hands, a discussion Rubio started with the usual high school boy's sexual innuendo.
  Personally I'm furious with both the Republicans & Democrats.
  I'm not a fan, but if the American people overwhelmingly want Donald Trump, it really pisses me off that the elite are hard at work planning to cheat them and I can't even imagine how furious people will be if the people are circumvented.
  This video is a good representation of what many people are thinking. Of course, it's MSNBC, but Fox News has definitely discredited itself by biased reporting and Brit Hume's glum face as Trump continues his grand sweep through the electorate.
  Turnout has been remarkable. The Republican elite reminds me of a turtle stuck on its back, legs flailing, desperately trying to right itself.
  Whatever's happening is big.
  What is it about a national revolution do the elites not get?

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