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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fields's accusation stinks

  This week has been quite exciting eventful with numerous little incidents  blown into huge pimples on the face of politics.
  Let's start with Michelle Fields' absurd accusation that Trump's campaign manager "assaulted" her.
  Seriously? You're a reporter?
  I didn't even need to know to she has a history of accusing people of crimes and assaulting/touching her.

  I didn't need to know that her mother is a pro-immigration activist who works against Trump and benefits financially through her pro-immigration activism.
  I didn't need to know that Fields violated Secret Service "field of protection" guidelines by reaching out to grab Trump, who wears a bullet proof vest, in an attempt to ask him questions.
  I didn't need to see Fields's photo of her supposed bruised arm, which some have claimed is the photo of an obese person's arm.

  What I care about is that Michelle Fields, pictured above, has made a huge deal out of nothing. She's using the Left's whiny victimology to try to win an argument. 
  If she really thinks Lewandowski assaulted her, then for him to apologize as she demanded shouldn't have been an option.
  It appears to me---an elderly retiree in flyover country---that Fields has thrown in with the Republican establishment in an attempt to do anything possible to discredit Trump and boost the establishment's chances of winning or moving to a brokered convention.
  Does anyone really think the establishment will allow Cruz to be the nominee?
  They're using Cruz and Kasich to splinter the vote away from Kasich. (For my own part, I still am having trouble believing that Kasich really won the state of Ohio. He has a reputation for bullying his own party in this state. Indeed he said the other day that he wouldn't be opposed to running a Democrat as VP if he would miraculously become the nominee.)
  I'm sorry about this because I have admired Fields's work but she really has discredited herself and essentially made herself unhireable.
  Except by MSNBC.
  They seem to like those wacko types.

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