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Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Iranian "deal" explains Obama mindset

  How to explain the disastrous Iran "deal" which seems to only be a "deal" for Iran?
  In all regards, the Obama administration has bowed and deferred to the Iranians, who still crow "Death to America," and "We will trample on America" even while snickering as they sign the "deal."
  (A point of clarification to the Obama administration: a "deal" is "an agreement entered into by two or more parties for their mutual benefit, especially in a business or political context.")
  The US and indeed the world gets NOTHING from this "deal" except more terror; instead we give US taxpayer DOLLARS to this rogue state with no deadlines, no way to tell what they are doing with their nukes, no way to even know where the nuclear material is stored.
  In fact, the "deal" specifically excludes the US from participating in the checks and specifically allows Iran to not indicate where 
  The absurd Obama went on the Daily Show to justify it and build support among the uninformed, his favorite audience. 
  Meanwhile the toothless Republicans sit by and do nothing except flail with their little t rex arms.
  A close relative explained to me why he thought the "world" should have nuclear bombs, not just the US. 
  He sneered when he said it, laughing derisively that America had no right to hog all the nukes. Consequence was immaterial. Who are we, he complained, and how was it equitable that we have so much power?
  Since then, I have had similar conversations with other Leftists who believe that--in all fairness--America needs to be taken down at least a notch and distribution of power through nukes is the way to do it.
  And why not, according to the delusional Left? 
  They're the ones who think paying hamburger flippers $15 an hour will raise standards of living when the opposite is actually true? 
  They're the ones who believe the government should raise the capital gains tax out of fairness, even though it brings in less money
  They're the ones who think aborting human life is a woman's "right," even while begging on television in teary ads that homeless dogs and cats deserve the right to life. Indeed, selling baby body parts is good for science.
  After all, Leftists boo people who believe all lives matter.
  They're the ones who booed God.
  So why not give nukes to people screaming, "Death to America"?
  It makes perfect Leftist sense.

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