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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Blessed are they that avoid being offended

  I have a confession.
  I"ve been addicted to politics much of my adult life, ever since my father kept asking me what I thought about this or that; he got me hooked on Rush and often said, "Hey, what'd ya think about what Rush said today?"
  Consequently every day even at work, I'd listen on my lunch hour or sneak a few minutes just to hear what was going on in the world.
  As a member of a literary academia, I'm probably somewhat of an anomaly, I realize. Walking in the hallowed halls of the Ivory Tower, a conservative has an awareness that he or she is out of place with the privileged aggrieved who play their tiny violin melodies about various hate causes to a gullible and uninformed captive audience.
  After years of watching the absurdity that is Ivory Tower humanities, I've been disturbed to see the lunacy creeping out toward the general public. 
  A conservative can only say certain things in the Ivory Tower; now, in the United States in general, if you say certain things a gibbering screech mob will descend on you, condemning and destroying your life until they move on to the next unsuspecting victim. It may only be a day or two, but they won't stop until you've been ruined.
  It is little consolation that the monster is turning on itself, devouring even leftists and unsuspecting non-politicals. Even Jerry Seinfeld won't play university campuses anymore.
  But to the root of my confession.
  I believe we will survive the monstrous presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. Surely we have survived divisiveness and utter incompetence in the past.
  What I grieve is the loss of American sovereignty in so many areas, not just overseas. It is true our allies don't trust us and our enemies don't fear us, as the Rubio ad running in Ohio declares.
  But at this juncture, it appears that obsessive selfies, idiot shows about being naked and gossip about the Kardashians are now the stuff of American life, even while children commit murder, the black family deteriorates more rapidly than other races, most Americans receive government money and the Obamas blow billions flying to luxurious vacations even while baldly and daily lying to the public. 
  Still you, the American public, scream in adoration at the feet of the modern day Neros.
  This is what's disturbing.
  Where is my America, the one that fought for personal independence, that realized bills must be paid, that you can't leave the refrigerator door open thinking you'll cool your house?
  I can't listen to Rush anymore, at least for now. I think he's depressed and this surfaces in his voice.
  I can't watch the news as avidly because there's nothing to be done that any of the political elite will actually hear. They don't care what we think. They want their power. They want their stuff
  What can I do about the fact that we're facing an enormous threat from ISIS and various Islamic hate groups even while Obama cuts our military and negotiates for Iran to get the bomb?
  What can I do about nonresponsive government entities? About fools who refuse to see the truth that is closing in around them?
  Well, I guess I can continue to speak out, however wearily.
  Even when Dad was in the hospital, he'd be sure the nurses knew what he thought about politics. It was lifeblood for him.
  And so it is for those of us who love this country with all its flaws.
  It's still the best in the world.
  But it's the people who make up this country who make it what it is.
  Grow up, America. Grow up.
  Blessed are they that avoid being offended.

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