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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

It's tme to tell the RNC how you feel

To keep current as a blogger I am on the mailing list of a number of political organizations, both major parties, and a small army of elected officials. As one might expect I am continuely beset with requests for campaign donations which I generally ignore. Finally, today I thought I really owed it to myself to tell the Rince Pribus and the RNC exactly how I felt. You may want to go through you inbox and do the same.
Please save your correspondence for those who care. I will not be voting Republican in the future as they have proven to be just as duplicitous as the Democrats. Midway through the election they have yet to keep a single campaign promise. I did not donate to and vote for Republican candidates for the purpose of passing TPP, a treaty so secret that only Congress and the lobbyists who seem to write the legislation are privy to. You want to be bipartisan? Go to Barack Obama and the DNC for donations as you have put their interests ahead of those who have put you where you are.
Congress has it in its power to balance the budget yet has refused to do so. Americans are shot to death by foreign nationals in their hometowns abortion advocates traffic in fetal body parts on television and all the public hears is inane prattle about the need to reach across the aisle to keep the money flowing. In spite of promises not to raise taxes Congress toys with the idea of a one time tax on foreign profits to fund the precious highway trust fund while the Senate contemplates taking money from the Social Security trust fund to build more bike paths and squirrel tunnels and to fund mass transit in 6 of the wealthiest SMSA's in the country.
Regretfully I must tell you to go to hell. Enough is enough and you have reached the limit. Again, go straight to hell.
Try it once. It will make you feel better.

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