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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A liar makes a deal with liars

  Well, the deal is done and being widely ridiculed around the world.
  Again we wonder: is it possible Barack Hussein Obama has no idea he's been played? rolled? Is thought a fool around the world?
  The problems?
  We get nothing out of this deal. 
  Four American prisoners are being held in Iran. Will they be released? No. Why would Barack Hussein Obama care about American prisoners?
  Who benefits from this deal?
  Certainly not the US or Israel.
  Ironically the other entities who do not benefit from this deal are the Arab nations who collectively fear what the hate America Iranian leaders have in store for the entire area.
  Before this "deal" was made, the NY Post ran an article by Amir Tahiri entitled "Forget the Palestinians: Arab states have too much else to worry about!" FTA:
The idea that it is now Iran and not Israel that poses an existential threat to Arabs receives almost daily confirmation with outlandish statements by Khomeinist leaders in Tehran. “Iran is trying to create a Persian Crescent as the core of its empire,” claims Lebanese Interior Minister Nihad Manshouq. “That now represents the principal threat faced by Arabs.”
“Today, it is Iran and not Israel the Arabs ought to worry about,” says Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, leader of the Afghan Hizb Islami (Islamic Party) who was sheltered, financed and armed by Tehran for decades.
  This article is a must read to understand what is happening in the Arab states, where Arabs who live in Gaza are reassured that Israel will protect them. Also from the same article:
One reason was cited the other evening by a Jordanian businessman, Abu Furas, at a Ramadan fast-breaking dinner in London. “Today, no Arab feels safe in his country,” he said. “Ironically, the sole exceptions are Palestinians in the West Bank because they know Israel will defend them if ISIS attacks. Even in Gaza, most people secretly believe that Israel is their ultimate protection against ISIS fighters trying to strike roots in the Sinai.”
  Most curious was Obama's 7:00 a.m. announcement, which is not exactly prime time even on the East Coast. 
  Why would he parade out in front of the cameras when much of America is still sleeping as if this "deal"--written and signed by liars of all stripes, to claim affinity with John F. Kennedy and proclaim this "historic" agreement will change the world in a positive way?
  The only rational reason I can see is that he's more interested in impressing Europe and the Arab states than his own country, whom he scolded against denying his "deal."
  Yet one has to wonder, as VD Hanson writes,  "Is the world becoming fed up" with Obama's dangerous antics?
 Is childless Europe realizing they are committing slow suicide by paying cradle to grave benefits for the millions and millions of non-contributive immigrants who procreate with abandon? Or perhaps with purpose?
  We all knew Obama would reach some kind of "deal"  because he is a liar who changes the rules based on whatever benefits himself and his elite ilk.
  Time after time, Obama has shown himself the fool on the world stage: revealing his end game, declaring what he will and will not do, drawing "red lines" and then ignoring them when they are crossed. To fantasize that Islamist murderers respect or fear him in the least is dangerously helpless.
  Already arguments about what was actually agreed upon have surfaced. Knowing the players in this game, undoubtedly it will be difficult to discern the truth.
  Lying is nothing new for any of those lying liars who lie.
  God help us. 
UPDATE: Annnddd, here come more lies, from National Review:
Here’s Represenative Don Beyer, Democrat of Virginia, telling MSNBC why he’ll vote for the Iran deal: “Thanks to the Obama administration’s negotiations, Iran’s nuclear program will be under lock, key and camera 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The eyes of the international community are on every centrifuge, every ounce of uranium, in all of Iran’s nuclear facilities.” 
Completely false: “UN inspectors can demand access to nuclear facilities on Iran military sites, but they aren’t immediate or even guaranteed. Any inspections at those sites would need to be approved by a joint commission composed of one member from each of the negotiating parties. The process for approving those inspections could take as many as 24 days.”

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