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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ted Cruz does not take prisoners in his Senate speech.

Astounding! I have admired Ted Cruz since he was solicitor general of Texas when I first began to follow his career but never so much as yesterday. John McCain and Lindsey Graham delight in sticking their fingers in the eyes of conservatives and then boasting about their "maverick" credentials. They seem to think it's courageous to make common cause with the Democratic leadership to keep the money and power flowing to Washington but let us separate the steers from the bulls. I have never heard any Senator of either party flat out call his party leader a liar but Ted Cruz did exactly that. This guy is positively fearless! He does not stop with McConnell but makes it clear that his own party is part of the corruption and slave to big donors and lobbyists. He speaks of waitresses and coal miners who don't have lobbyists to do their bidding. He tells how Republican leadership has worked with Harry Reid to keep their precious Obamacare exemption in place. He spills gallons of Republican blood all over the floor. He make the compelling point that the Senate's behavior is no different under McConnell than it would have been under Harry Reid. We have heard many echo the Senator's complaints on the campaign trail but never the Senate floor.
One senses that he is indeed angry. He is speaking from his gut and not to the gallery. I think I have found my presidential candidate.

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  1. Did you see him reason with Code Pink? They're such dopes and he handled them so well.