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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hillary and her half billion solar panels

  It's not the rank hypocrisy that bothers me.
  You know, the whole  "I'll fly on a luxury plane that burns 347 gallons of gas an hour and costs almost $6000 to rent to get where I'm going while you all ride your bikes home" mentality.
  We're comin' after your trucks! Ride a bike, you fat rummy!
  (And we'll take your guns and your kids and your barbecue grills and your neighborhoods and whatever else we think we want until we ruin it. Then we'll retreat into our guarded enclaves...)
  So you probably guessed I'm on Hillary's case again. Oy, will I never learn to love the smartest woman in the world.
  The Daily Mail, a British newspaper, is on top of it, as usual, since American news outlets seem rather timid when it comes to covering Hillacrites, I mean, Democrats.
  So what can be more enriching to the soul than to see Ms. Cankles lecturing us all on getting more exercise, her plump aged carcass propped up in front of all those bicycles that you're supposed to ride since you can pretty much guarantee you'll never see her riding one. 
  One doesn't have to wonder if Ms. Maternal Midriff will be showing off her upper arms with gym videos from her workout area, which presumably is well stocked with wine, cheese and lots of nuts.
    Preparing the way for a fantabulous American tax to be rendered to our very special politicians who will dole it out to some of us in the cities and the rest of the world, Hillary's taken Obama's baton of an elite's nag that climate change is our greatest enemy.
  Certainly we should not think that the country that posted an image of our current POTUS committing suicide by treaty is an actual threat. Death to America!
  No, I'm not really bitter about all that hypocrisy stuff.
  It's nothing new; it's a disease the one percenters suffer, a disease that isn't catching, I understand unless you are a regular at those fantastic parties where you get to complain about how hard you work to pay the mortgages on your houses.
  What I'm bitter about is that Hillary is actually proposing that she'll magically install half a billion solar panels in American homes by the end of her first term and that somehow, that's going to make a hill of a difference.
  The "government," which isn't really, really good at making money but rather printing it, will provide the incentives to pay for these half billion solar panels and all the other Hillary promises. That and "market based incentives."
  Leftists claim her proposal is "modest."
  Notice I'm not mentioning that she flew off in that fancy fuel burning 19 person seat jet after making this proposal. 
  Apparently she's dumped the Scooby van for faster accommodations.
  Back to my bitterness.
  See, I live in Northwest Ohio where we're lucky to get 73 sunny days a year. There are a number of other reasons not to be too crazy about the idea of the government installing solar panels on my house.
  For one, they're expensive. For another, they don't last all that long. And another is that they absolutely require back up energy. Oh, and they're not very efficient or reliable.
  But the primary reason this makes me angry is that solar panels are not so good for the environment.
  Did I mention they're ugly?
  Oh, and did you know you have to get on your roof to clean them? 
  Once a year? 
  Alternatively, the government suggests you could buy them and place them on your neighbor's house or rent a high lift platform to wash them. Hey, while you're up there, you could clean the baby trees out of your eaves troughs.
  Too old to get up on the roof, you say? 
  Fraid you might fall and break your neck?
  Then by all means, the government suggests you "Hire the neighborhood, out-of-work, out-of-school, teenager to get up on the roof" who is undoubtedly unlicensed and uninsured, at least with regard to falling on your solar panels. 
  For sure, Obamacare will cover the kid's broken back and his/her/its lifetime of disability payments.
  And did I mention they're really really bad for the environment, just like Priuses?
  But that whole environment thing is just hooey, right? Even though it's believed that "producing electricity by solar panels releases more greenhouse gases than producing electricity by gas or even coal."
  Because it's feel-good imagery we're after.
  Isn't it.
  Ms. Cankles flying in her 347 gallons an hour jet to get to the next campaign stop to convince people to ride bikes rather than, um, fly.

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