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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Carly, Walker and Cruz rock out the week

  I've long admired the work and writing of Clarice Feldman, whose insight into the political machines that run our country is unsurpassed in wisdom and clarity which is probably why when I read this article I couldn't agree with her more, partly because of respect and partly because this is exactly what I've been thinking.
  Carly Fiorina has proven herself over and over to be articulate, clear thinking and administratively agile. She now stands at 7 in the polls for the FNC debate; Feldman, whom I follow on Facebook, feels Carly's presence in the primary debates is essential for many reasons, not the least of which is her skillful ability to slug Hillary Clinton right in the kisser.
  Feldman also commends Walker and Cruz for incidents with the press this week, ending with this at AT:
This week, Fiorina, Walker, and Cruz capitalized on the public’s disdain for the policies of an unpopular president and the strong desire of voters for a return to more sensible, practical policies and forthrightness. I think they like what they are hearing from candidates like these.
  Feldman cites Barone and Cost regarding the splintering factions in the Democrat party, the Cost article being a must read. (I followed Cost's meticulous and accurate analyses in the HorseRace Blog at RealPolitics during the Bush elections. He is currently a writer for The Weekly Standard.) 
  Cost feels, given the right nominee, the Republicans have a decent chance to take back the White House:
So although there is no acute crisis, Americans do not think the nation is in good shape, and because most people are skeptical of Obama’s domestic and foreign policies, they have soured on him. His approval ratings are not the lowest presidents have seen, but he has fallen under 50 percent more consistently than any of his predecessors.
Though Hillary Clinton is increasingly dominating the political spotlight, the president’s standing will affect the 2016 contest. Clinton is scurrying leftward to keep Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley from winning the progressive vote, but in so doing she risks alienating the middle of the country, which has tired of activist government. And it is quite likely that, as his former secretary of state, Clinton will be seen as Obama’s successor, thus bearing the burden of his unpopularity.
 These last few weeks have been unbearably revoltingly disgusting, considering the Planned Parenthood videos, the Iran deal and the perpetual race baiting committed by the likes of Obama, Sharpton and the the racist Democrat machine.
  The lying liar Clinton is just an extension of the Obama machine, though rumors are circulating that the Obama machine is at the root of the the two inspectors general who are calling for an investigation into Clinton's emails:
The news that two inspectors general from the Obama administration want the Justice Department to investigate her handling of classified material is a potential game changer. For many Democrats, it will serve as final proof she is ­fatally flawed. 
Her standing will further erode, turning her coronation plans into a long, hot summer. The drip, drip, drip of details will produce new polls showing a bleeding of support, which will entice other candidates into the race. Look for Vice President Joe Biden to jump in soon, and lefty Sen. Elizabeth Warren might also take the leap.
  Personally I'd like to see Hillary as the Democrat party candidate; Ann Coulter said it the other night: Democrats are just looking for an excuse to dump the old broad, but, hey, she's the next in line.
  Imagine the vitriol the Clinton machine will unleash on anyone who dares run against her. Ha. 
  Conservatives have a strong bench of solid candidates, notwithstanding the current fascination with Trump who, I admit, made me laugh the other day when he scornfully turned away an petulant accusation by a Telemundo reporter.
  Trump's a wild card, for sure, and he could play the Perot if he decides to go third party.
  Right now, our side looks pretty solid, regardless the "clown car" accusations from the party that boos God, sells baby body parts and ignores the deaths of American soldiers even while lighting the White House green for a Muslim holiday and rainbow for gay marriage, moments after a Supreme Court ruling.
  You've come a long way, baby.

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