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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Jeb Bush Funneled $50 Million to Planned Parenthood

I'm sure in the upcoming Republican debate someone will raise the subject of Jeb Bush's cozy relationship with Planned Parenthood and I doubt if being able to say “It’s Pro-Choice or No Choice” in Spanish is going to get him off the hook. Seriously is the man in the right party? He is pro amnesty, pro Common Core, and now we find more pro choice than he has let on. As a director at the Bloomberg Foundation he funneled $50 million to Planned Parenthood and other "reproductive health" organizations. From the pro life website Life Site:
Until the eve of his presidential campaign, Jeb Bush was director of a philanthropy that gave tens of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood and financed its advocacy of "unrestricted access to abortion" around the world. The charity also approved money to global abortion providers while he sat on its board.
In 2010, Jeb was named one of the founding directors of the Bloomberg Family Foundation, established as a tax-exempt foundation to advance the vision of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He resigned from the board at the end of 2014 to prepare his presidential campaign.
While a Bush spokesman has responded to concerns by saying that Bush would not have voted on every initiative of the foundation, a pro-life leader told LifeSiteNews it "stretches credibility" that Bush was unaware of the foundation's pro-abortion work, given the centrality of such work to the foundation's mission, and its scope.
Just yesterday18 House Republicans told the leadership that they cannot and will not support any funding resolution that contains any funding for Planned Parenthood which means a possible government shutdown and today we find that the man who would be president doled out $50 million to the same corrupt, baby killing, fetal tissue trafficking, cabal. Maybe he should run as a Democrat. He certainly has the moral qualifications.


  1. Is any member of that family in the right party?

  2. The only reason he had any traction at all was the same reason McCain became a nominee...manipulation by the left to control the election outcome.