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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The thin red line of Tea Party House patriots

  I kinda avoid Glenn Beck when he gets all doomsayer, end of the world apocalyptic. I mean, can't the apocalypse wait until I (and all my grandchildren) die?
  But today he predicted ( as I understand so did Rush) that Obamacare is on its last spindly osteoporotic legs.
  Of course, those of us out here fighting the good fight---one blog post at a time---have been hoping this would happen, supporting the marches on DC, the local public meetings and the protests to governmental representatives/Senators.
  Rush frequently refers to the "low informed voter" and most of use out here feel that those low informed voters overwhelm those of us who are passionately informed.
  Even without the cheating we know occurs at the polls, we feel that there are so many more who oppose Tea Partiers' opinions on the state of our country and the polices that have driven us down a destructive road.
  Anyway Glenn Beck says we're winning this battle against Obamacare, not just because WE THE PEOPLE are so vocal but because it's such bad law.
  If you think about the people's ability to stop anything, though, it's the thin red line of Tea Party House politicians elected a few years ago who stand against Obama completely rolling over both the Senate with its despicable RINOs and the compliant House members who want to retain the power of the office without the responsibility of leadership.
  Years later when we look back at the debacle that is this presidency in an increasingly dangerous world, perhaps we'll appreciate the importance of the 2010 elections.
  And we hope the same for 2014.

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