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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The IRS-FEC-SEC Scandal

It's not clear if the Securities and Exchange Commission did anything wrong. Certainly there was an effort on the part of some in congress to put the SEC in the business of regulating political speech.
In other IRS scandal news, targeting of the Tea Party has not stopped. Congressman David Camp revealed that an unidentified IRS agent testified that the IRS has failed to come up with new guidelines to handle conservative groups seeking tax exempt status.

In a transcript from the committee a Ways & Means investigator asked: "If you saw -- I am asking this currently, if today if a Tea Party case, a group -- a case from a Tea Party group came in to your desk, you reviewed the file and there was no evidence of political activity, would you potentially approve that case? Is that something you would do?"
The agent said, "At this point I would send it to secondary screening, political advocacy."
The committee staffer then said, "So you would treat a Tea Party group as a political advocacy case even if there was no evidence of political activity on the application. Is that right?" The agent admitted, "Based on my current manager's direction, uh-huh."

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