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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Who would want to be a teacher these days?

  So-called educators are making disastrous decisions--spurred by Eric Holder's 2014 decree that too many black teenagers are receiving disparate punishments--that will absolutely destroy the high school classroom.
  Just as Obama's made the job of policeman particularly unappealing (who would want to be a policeman these days?), his administration is doing the same for teaching.
  From The Daily Caller, we learn that behavior termed as "willful defiance" will no longer provoke an automatic suspension in Oakland, as well as San Francisco and Los Angeles, particularly for black and hispanic students, nor will badly behaved students be moved to another school.
  Instead, schools will work to restore these teenagers to the educational community, a curious conclusion considering educators will no longer be able to banish them in the first place. Some alternatives to suspension from the San Francisco Chronicle are:
.... the district’s Manhood Development classes for African American males as well as restorative justice, which requires victims and offenders to talk about the behavior and ways to address it.
  We've seen how well talking resolves situations with thugs, no matter their age; considering the behavior we have witnessed in Ferguson and Baltimore and that almost 70% of black children are raised in single parent households, do school officials really think letting teenagers cuss out their teacherrs will benefit criminal teenagers in the long run?
  Most interesting in Oakland is the racial breakdown from the DC:
The racial composition of Oakland’s public school system is about 32 percent black, a little under 40 percent Hispanic, about 15 percent Asian and about 12 percent white, according to
  So basically--because of the color of their skin--72% of the student population of Oakland Schools will be ineligible for suspension due to bad behavior.
 In Minnesota, based on the color of their skin, all suspensions of black and hispanic students must be reviewed by the school superintendent
  Based on the color of their skin, the same is not true for white and Asian students.
  Do Leftists really think letting teenagers play on their cell phones or leave the classroom whenever they feel like it will give them an advantage in life?
  So what's the purpose of rules like this, other than to make actually teaching a miserable and impossible task? 
  Is it advancing the anarchist cause of breaking down the culture, of nullifying any social contract that might have existed? Of undermining local authority?
  One has to wonder what is in the minds of the Obama administration these days. What are the principles behind these regulations?
  • Obama has declared too many people of color are incarcerated and wants to lessen punishments, possibly even release thousands of prisoners
  • Obama has repeatedly sided with criminals, sending administration officials to the funerals of criminals while not doing the reverse for slaughtered police, at the same time excoriating police for their actions before the facts are known
  • Obama continues to negotiate at all costs with the "death to America" crowd in Iran, which is deliberately and contemptuously crossing political and social red lines
  • At the same time, Obama's people have politically persecuted his "enemies" and those who do not share his political beliefs
  • While giving obligatory lip service to non-violence, Obama rarely emphasizes good behavior on the part of people who look like him, instead reinforcing an attitude of victimhood for people who look like him
  • Obama repeatedly criticizes white people, Christianity, America, the Judeo Christian ethic and Western way of life while admiring other countries and especially Islam
  • Obama's rhetoric is solipsistic, drawing conclusions based on his own privileged experiences and community outlook way of thinking, such as this example. Though he himself and his children attend[ed] private schools, he has repeatedly stripped anxious poor black parents of inner city children of the possibility of school choice. Indeed, every holiday and occasion honoring "others" is celebrated with a photo of Obama celebrating "others."
  The conclusions we can draw from this:
  • Obama does not like autonomy for anyone but himself
  • Obama refuses to hold some people accountable based on the color of their skin
  • Obama exalts Islamic countries while ignoring the murder and persecution of Christians
  • Obama seems oblivious that he is globally regarded as a fool and oblivious to the obvious consequences this will have for the people of the United States and our allies
  • The only kind of law enforcement Obama likes is the kind that he himself initiates; this kind of enforcement is partisan, prejudiced and focused on restorative justice rather than the idea that justice is blind
 I can draw only one primary conclusion from these facts and that conclusion is this.
Since Obama judges people on the basis of the color of their skin and their political beliefs, many people will never receive justice under Obama, who himself is hungry for more power to determine fairness and equity based on his own skewed set of values.
  And that is based on fact and critical analysis, not just partisan beliefs, although I am admittedly a partisan.
  And that also, my friends, is why I ask this question?
  Given the direction this country is headed under the guidance of Obama's ilk, both in government and higher education, why would anyone want to be a teacher these days?

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