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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Feds' move on Hastert "smells"

  What on earth is motivating the charges against Dennis Hastert? 
  It's remarkable that federal government entities can whip up charges against someone who periodically took more than $10,000 out of his bank account. The offense? Not that he did it, but that he lied about it to the FBI because he didn't want anyone to know he was being blackmailed.
  I dunno.
  I was under the impression that lying isn't a problem anymore, especially for federal employees lying to the public about anything, so why is it wrong for a private citizen to lie to protect himself from the very thing that the feds have revealed?
  It's also remarkable that federal government entities feel it necessary to accuse the individual of sex charges, since neither the blackmailer or black mailee have complained to federal entities.
  What business is it of theirs?
  The original reason for federal "structuring"of bank deposits/withdrawals was to stop drug trafficking but here appears to be used as a form of political trickery.
  What would motivate the feds to "expose" Hastert and his presumed victim to public humiliation and federal charges? (And, really, won't there be more coming out of the woodwork now that it is far too late to prove?)
  This act is highly suspect according to Alan Dershowitz, whose reasoning is that this action makes the feds "being essentially part of the blackmail," predicting that the "feds won't win this one." 
"This case just smells," Dershowitz said. "I'm shocked that a prosecutor would allow this kind of case to be brought knowing that it will reveal the secrets, that it would open doors up to things that are alleged or have occurred almost half a century ago. … This is not a case that should've been brought in federal court"
  So is the Clinton corruption case not providing enough work for Democrat politicians and lawmakers to investigate?
  Are we so desperate to find more Republican corruption (and I'm sure there's more) that we had to dig this mess up and ruin people's lives just to deflect from Hillary's, Bill's and Chelsea's vast corruption which is slowly being revealed?
  A two billion dollar charity Foundation that presumably spends only 10-15% of the monies on charity?
  Yeah, something isn't right here.

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