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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Feds can't even do a recall website correctly

    I have a lot of things on my political mind this morning but when I heard on the news that the air bags on some cars have killed people and many cars have been recalled, I rushed over to the government website to find out if my car was in the recall group.
  I needn't have rushed. True to government form, the website is not working adequately. You can access the page, but the drop down menu for vehicle descriptions does not work, or at least it didn't when I was checking it.
  Instead of fixing it or giving it more bandwidth, some IT brain posted this notice:
This site is experiencing unusually high volume and may cause delays or disruption in some functionality. If you experience a disruption then please visit later to conduct your search. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Information regarding the National Recall of Takata Air Bags may be found here:
  So there you have it.
  In yet another example, the feds, funded by taxpayer dollars and faith, get out ahead of themselves without adequate planning.
  Incompetence is once again on display.
  Let me extrapolate from this anecdote.
  Big government can't be fixed. Local control is the only way to correct problems like these, with people around these "workers" screaming in their ears that they aren't doing a good job and need to be fired if problems like these aren't fixed immediately.

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