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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

We don't owe Baltimore squat!

What shall we do about the poor people in Baltimore? Let them eat cake. Now that state's attorney Marilyn Mosby has quelled the riots by serving up 6 police officers as a sacrifice to the looting mobs talk has turned to the "underlying problems of poverty". Obama knows how to fix it. Appearing on the David Letterman Show the greatest orator since Lincoln summed it up.
“What you have,” he said, “are pockets of poverty, lack of opportunity, lack of education, all across this country, and too often we ignore those pockets until something happens, and then we act surprised, and TV cameras come in.”
Who ignores these problems, Mr President? The goddam people of Maryland do. If this is a federal problem the country is in one hell of a mess. When states are ranked by median household income Maryland is number one with a median household income of $70,004. So the citizens of the remaining 49 states should dutifully send their tax dollars to alleviate the mess created by a duo of avaricious state and municipal governments whose affluence is surpassed only by their incompetence?
With a budget of $31 million Mosby's office of state's attorney could not get the correct names on the warrants of two of the six accused officers placing in danger two citizens who did not even work for the city. Ok they did get two thirds of the names right which is probably good enough for Maryland government work. In 2013 ABC2 News compiled a list of Baltimore's top 15 well paid public servants slopping at the public trough. Number 15 on the list, identified as a police officer cleared just over $155,000 while Mosby's predecessor scraped by on $238,681. In 2014 hot shot Police Commission Anthony Batts took home $193,800, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, $163,365, and 14 race baiting city council member got $62,918 which isn't bad for a part time job.
If you have a problem with comparisons of household incomes by states then let's compare Metropolitan statistical areas. Baltimore is part of the Washington–Baltimore, District of Columbia–Maryland–Virginia–West Virginia CMSA which has a mean household income of $57,290. Not as good as the San Francisco–Oakland–San Jose, California CMSA or the New York–Northern New Jersey–Long Island, New York–New Jersey–Connecticut–Pennsylvania CMSA but far better than the Toledo, Ohio MSA at $39,902 or the Evansville–Henderson, Indiana–Kentucky MSA at $39,307.
But the country owes it to  Baltimore according to Obama and the left. There is this history of slavery in the antebellum South which is just as relevant to Baltimore today as the medieval crusades are to ISIS. So the bricklayer in Wheeling where the average household income is $30,335 and the IHOP waitress in McAllen, Texas where that number is a measly $24,863 will eagerly instruct their congressmen to send their tax dollars to Baltimore to ease the income inequality? Of course. It's white privilege.
One should not think in stereotypes but if you must the next time you hear the phrase welfare chiseler don't think of the single mom with the EBT card and Obama phone rather think in terms of Martin O'Malley, Elijah Cummings and Steny Hoyer.

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