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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ohio Conservatives Unite!

May 18, 2015

Toledo, OH: As we enter the campaign season for the upcoming 2016 Presidential elections, the Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition (NWOCC) has unveiled a unique statewide program called “Ohio Conservatives United” (OCU).

As the Presidential primary campaign unfolds, there are a large number of conservative candidates who will be vying for the conservative vote. Unfortunately, the small number of “establishment” Republican candidates are counting on splitting the conservative vote to increase their chances of winning.

To up the ante even more, two weeks ago the Republican controlled Ohio legislature passed a bill to move the Spring 2016  primary election forward by seven days, thus changing the rules on how a Presidential candidate wins the coveted delegates that will represent Ohio at the Republican National Convention. The rule change now says the winner of the Ohio presidential primary gets ALL of Ohio's delegates, not just the congressional districts they won.

John Mc Avoy, NWOCC board member and spokesman for the OCU project says, “When you put all these puzzle pieces together, the picture becomes very clear. Unless Ohio's conservative voters can coalesce around a single candidate, the establishment candidate will be making that trip to the Cleveland GOP convention with all 64 Ohio delegates”.

The challenge of the OCU program is clear, but it is its unique method that has Ohio's conservatives signing on to participate. According to Linda Bowyer, Chair of the NWOCC, “we will ask voters to make a commitment, not to vote for any one candidate, but to review the data, and talk to other voters about the candidates and the subject of unity around one candidate”.

NWOCC will be sending out a simple three question survey to Ohio’s conservative voters, asking them to rank their top five candidates for the Republican nomination.   The NWOCC then publishes the poll results so all can see where conservative voters in Ohio stand.  The survey then asks the voter if their first choice isn't the first choice of the majority of Ohio conservatives, would they be willing to change their candidate and support the number one candidate. The final question is addressed at disenfranchised Republicans, Independents, and even members of other parties, asking them if they would be willing to vote Republican in the March primary in order to help the conservative candidate win.

Conservative groups throughout Ohio will be asked to participate in this poll.  A group’s participation in this poll will accomplish two major objectives:

1) It will provide a statewide view of where the conservative candidates stand with regards to Ohio’s conservative voters,

2) it will initiate dialogue and discussion within the groups and their members regarding the candidates and the issue of unity.

It is important to remember that in no way does this poll or a group’s participation constitute any commitment by the group or its members to support any particular candidate.  Groups interested in participating in this survey should visit to sign up.

The Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition is a non-connected political action committee registered with the Federal Elections Commission and the State of Ohio.

For more information, visit our webpage or contact us at

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